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Nepean Cancer Care Centre is located in Penrith and sees more than 220 patients a day.

With this number growing rapidly the support we receive from Dry July helps us to purchase specialised equipment and fund projects such as laser therapy, artwork and murals to create ambiance, wellness programs and new wigs for the wig library. Cancer affects the mind, body and spirit, which is why Nepean Cancer Care Centre offers a holistic approach to treatment and healing, encompassing physical, emotional, social and spiritual care. We understand that this can be a difficult and often frightening time for patients, as well as for their family and friends.

Last year Dry July funded our first Wellness Exercise Program that has shown to improve our patients’ physical, mental wellbeing and recovery journey. This year we wish to continue funding to support the Wellness program, install images on the ceiling of our radiation treatment room to help reduce patient anxiety and purchase equipment to help improve the comfort and care of patients affected by cancer.

Latest Updates

BBQ for Dry July 2018

Our first Dry July BBQ for 2018 was held on 11th July was a great success in promoting our Dry July Campaign. The event was proudly supported by Woolworths and volunteers from the Lion club cooked up a storm raising $800. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our BBQ, we hope you enjoyed your sausage on a roll.

Largest ever single donation to Dry July for Nepean Cancer Care recognised

Michael and Mary Harnett, who donated $40,000 to the Nepean Cancer Carers Dry July campaign in 2017, was officially recognised at a celebratory event at Nepean hospital. The huge donation is the highest amount raised by one person since Dry July commenced 10 years ago!

Mary wanted to show her gratitude to everyone at Nepean cancer care for the support they gave through Michaels Cancer Journey and to provide much needed equipment to help other go through their own personal journey. 

Michael and Mary's donation has funded hospital beds with pressure relieving mattress so patients can return home in comfort and improve their quality of life. Michael and Mary also provided smaller pieces of pressure reliving equipment to help patients get home safely.

Co-founder of Dry July, Brett Macdonald, was thrilled to attend the celebrations and presented Mary with a memorable plaque.

Niki Pumps and Ambulatory Pumps

Nepean Cancare Care Centre recently used Dry July funds to purchase equipment which allow patients to continue treatment in the comfort of their own home

Niki pumps are commonly used in the palliative care setting to manage symptoms towards the end of life. Niki Pumps facilitate the gradual, continual infusion of medications via the subcutaneous route to patients over a 24 hour period of time to facilitate safe, consistent, easy to manage medication administration. The pump is refilled daily by nurses and the dose can be adjusted in response to changes in symptoms. Having the capacity to discharge people to their own homes or nursing home with a Nikki pump enables them to be in their own environment with their loves ones for end of life.

CADD pumps are a small device that can connect canisters of drugs to and run for a period of a week if needed. Being able to infuse the drugs with the use of these pumps means the client can go home after the first 8 days. Each cycle continues for 28 days. The client only needs to come in to dayward twice a week for canister and battery change. This gives them quality time at home with their families.

Palliative care beds so patients can stay at home

"The palliative care beds donated though fundraising by the Nepean Cancer Carers Dry July team and other fundraisers [for Nepean Cancer Care Centre] have been a welcome addition to our loan pool. These beds allow our clients to remain at home during some of the most stressful times for them and their loved ones. Clients are able to be cared for in a safe environment for them allowing their loved ones, the nursing staff and other supports to provide care and at the same time reduce the risk of possible harm to all.

The beds allow the clients to be positioned comfortably and to prevent pressure injuries with the addition of an air mattress. Clients are able to transfer with more ease on to other equipment including chairs, as the height can be adjusted to enable this. Linen is provided if required but the client is able to have his/her own, including pillows and more personalised coverings. 

Thank you for helping us to help our clients and their loved ones."

Colin Ellis, Deputy Director Community Health , Hawkesbury District Health Service, NSW

Nepean Cake stall for Dry July

Some photos of our amazing cake stall today. Thanks to the extremely kind donations of Patients, families, friends of school friends and staff who made this event such a great success. We have raised over $1,000. Towards are Dry July campaign 

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