Niki Pumps and Ambulatory Pumps

Nepean Cancare Care Centre recently used Dry July funds to purchase equipment which allow patients to continue treatment in the comfort of their own home

Niki pumps are commonly used in the palliative care setting to manage symptoms towards the end of life. Niki Pumps facilitate the gradual, continual infusion of medications via the subcutaneous route to patients over a 24 hour period of time to facilitate safe, consistent, easy to manage medication administration. The pump is refilled daily by nurses and the dose can be adjusted in response to changes in symptoms. Having the capacity to discharge people to their own homes or nursing home with a Nikki pump enables them to be in their own environment with their loves ones for end of life.

CADD pumps are a small device that can connect canisters of drugs to and run for a period of a week if needed. Being able to infuse the drugs with the use of these pumps means the client can go home after the first 8 days. Each cycle continues for 28 days. The client only needs to come in to dayward twice a week for canister and battery change. This gives them quality time at home with their families.

Nepean Cancer Care Centre, Penrith

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