Create a team

There's always strength in numbers!

Are you keen to gather the troops and create or join a Dry July team? Make sure you assemble your friends, family or workmates and create or join a Dry July Team!

Want to create a team?


Sign up for Dry July or Log in to your profile

To create a team, you must first have your own fundraising page

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Tap the 'Create a Team' button

Tap the 'Create a team and invite friends' button on your profile page

mobile phone showing Create a Team button on Dry July website


Create your team

Enter a team name and tap the 'Create Team' button

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Want to join a team?


Find a team you want to join

Search for a team leader or the team name
Note: ensure you are signed in


Select the team name

Select team leader or team's name from the search results


Tap the 'Join Team' button

On the team's page, locate and tap the 'Join Team' button.

Go Dry this July

Go Dry this July to raise funds for people affected by cancer.

This is why we Dry July.

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