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How it works

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Sign-up to the challenge

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Go alcohol-free in July

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Help people affected by cancer.

How your fundraising and donations make a difference

Your Dry July fundraising and donations have helped support cancer patients and their families throughout their journey. Here are some of their incredible stories.

Through Pancare’s Pansupport program, Keon was able to access a dedicated specialist nurse, providing practical ways to help him navigate his cancer journey.

When Luise was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, her McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Sam, provided peace of mind and practical support during a difficult time.

Ovarian cancer survivor Josie found comfort and emotional support in Ovarian Cancer Australia’s psychologists and social workers, during a time when she needed it most.

17-year-old Teah has been able to take practical steps to rebuild her life after her cancer diagnosis, thanks to the support of her Redkite Social Worker, Lis.


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    • Dj21 Proceeds Benefit Mf
    • Dj21 Proceeds Benefit Oca
    • Dj20 Proceeds Benefit Pcfa V3
    • Dj21 Proceeds Benefit Redkite2