Go Dry this July for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Every 30 minutes, one of our fathers, sons, or brothers hears the news they have prostate cancer. In fact, prostate cancer is the most common cancer present in Australia today, with nearly 230,000 men alive after a diagnosis.

By 2040, that number is set to increase by nearly 70%, to more than 370,000, with massively growing need for our services and support.

If you or your family have been affected, you’ll know the toll that prostate cancer can take on men’s physical and mental health. The good news is – we’re here to help.

We provide support and care that no other organisation offers, and we can’t do it without vital donations from Dry July:

• We send thousands of information kits to men, their families, and the community each year.

• We fund over 80 Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses in hospitals Australia-wide, including 5 nurses funded by Dry July Foundation.

• We run Australia’s only dedicated Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service, so you can call us from home when you need help.

• We facilitate a national Support Group Network and Online Community, bringing thousands of men together each year to overcome prostate cancer.

Over the past five years alone, we’ve funded more than $30 million in game-changing research.

Why go Dry this July for us?

With growing need for our services, and thousands of Australian men and families struggling with prostate cancer, we need your help.

When you go Dry this July for PCFA, you’ll be supporting our hospital-based Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses, as well as funding our life-changing Prostate Cancer Specialist Telenursing Service.

Our Specialist Nurses provide vital outreach and care for families who have had their worlds turned upside down by prostate cancer. Better still, you can be guaranteed of our support from the day of your family’s diagnosis and the years ahead.

Your donations go a long way

$25 can give a newly diagnosed man a tailored information pack to help explain the road ahead.

$50 can cover the cost of screening a newly diagnosed patient for depression and anxiety, ensuring he is referred for mental health support.

$100 can cover the cost of follow-up care and support, so that men and families have consistent care, throughout their treatment.

$250 can help to cover the cost of a community awareness presentation, so that we can educate Australian men about genetic and family risks.

$500 can cover the costs of training a new nurse on the harsh side-effects of treatment, so that we can help men through their toughest challenges.

How it works

Sign-up to the challenge

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Help people affected by cancer.

Sign up for free

There is no minimum fundraising amount or cost to sign up to Dry July!

Golden Tickets

If you have a special occasion in July, you can always buy a Golden Ticket. A Golden Ticket gives a Dry July participant a night off their challenge. For a minimum $25 donation, even a night off can still make a difference to the lives of men affected by prostate cancer.

Important Note

Dry July is a fundraising campaign aimed at challenging social drinkers to change their habits for a month and make some healthy lifestyle changes. We would encourage people to drink responsibly and stick to the recommended daily guidelines for the rest of the year. We advise heavy drinkers or people dependent on alcohol to speak with their GP before signing up to Dry July.