Phil's Story

Phil has one piece of advice for men with prostate cancer: meet with a PCFA prostate cancer nurse early on.

“I was 61 and not long retired when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2022.”

His initial MRI scan suggested that there was no sign of cancer, so Phil underwent regular PSA testing to monitor for any changes.

Unfortunately, that soon changed, and once prostate cancer was confirmed, he was scheduled to undergo a robotic prostatectomy in 2023.

“Once surgery was scheduled the urologist arranged for my wife and I to meet the prostate cancer specialist nurse.

“I can’t emphasise enough how incredibly helpful this was in our understanding of what challenges lay ahead.”

Prostate cancer nurses offer a quality of care that no other health professionals can provide, supporting men like Phil in the hours, days, weeks, and years after a diagnosis.

And through Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s Telenursing Service, more men and their loved ones can access support and expert advice.

“I want to do everything I can to help PCFA put more specialist nurses on the ground and expand their telenursing service.

“I know the difference it made for me, helping me get surgery-ready and prioritise my health during recovery.

“So why not go Dry this July – you’ll be helping save lives!”