$8,845,411 RAISED

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Benefits of Dry July

Illustration of a smiling person in white with a yellow cloud for a brain on a blue circle

Clear your head

Illustration of a lightning bolt in white with yellow dashes on a blue circle

More energy

Illustration of a thought bubble in white with yellow z's on a blue circle

Sleeping better

Illustration of scales in white with yellow markers on a blue circle

Weight loss

Illustration of big white sparkles with little yellow sparkles on a blue circle

Healthier skin

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Sense of achievement

How it works

1 - Sign-up to the challenge

Sign-up to the challenge

2 - Wine bottle and glass crossed out

Go alcohol-free in July

3 - Megaphone

Ask family, friends and workmates to sponsor you

4 - Heart between upturned hands

Help people affected by cancer.


Avatar Name Raised
Emma Milner $89,788
Rory Costelloe $51,000
Emma Cooper $43,186
Aryana Lara $25,630
Oscar Ramsden $24,034
Steve Duggan $23,062
Mark Alati $20,879
Emily Halberg $20,459
Ben Riddle $20,079
Adam Kingston $19,000
Avatar Name Raised
Billy's Frothy Fund 2.0 $104,068
Team Valerie $101,421
Geelong United Basketball $33,416
Dry July Foundation Team $28,902
Northern Health Foundation $27,431
Carey Crew $24,322
The Melbos $23,911
Team DALI $20,606
BHP Perth $20,459
Gordons $18,036
Avatar Name Raised
Pinc and Steel $53,331
BHP $43,880
Northern Health $27,566
Bunnings Group $16,963
Cancer Council $12,985
PKF $11,142
Canteen $10,945
Hungry Jack's $6,058
NSW Police Force $5,894
Shadforth Civil $5,469


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    • Dj22 Proceeds Benefit Oca5
    • Dj22 Proceeds Benefit Pcfa5