Helping people affected by cancer

Thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of our Dry July participants every year, the Dry July Foundation is able to help local and national cancer support organisations across Australia deliver practical, tangible support services for people affected by cancer.

Everything we fund is to benefit cancer patients, their families and carers, aiming to make a difficult time, a little easier for people affected by cancer.

A shoulder to lean on. A comforting voice. A place to relax. This is why we Dry July.

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Where the money goes

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Information and Support Services

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Specialist Cancer Nurses

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Wellness Programs

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Cancer Centre Improvements

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Accommodation and Transport

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Comfort and Support Items

Organisations we support

The Dry July Foundation is proud to support numerous cancer organisations across Australia.

Some of the organisations who benefit from our fundraising include:

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To see the full list of cancer support organisations we fund, please click here.

Teresa’s journey with the RMH’s Head and Neck cancer team

Meet Teresa: a mother of two and former accountant turned massage therapist, whose journey at RMH began just under a year ago.

"I noticed an ulcer that wouldn’t heal. By July, I was in Japan with my kids, in constant pain and with an earache. I wasn’t my usual joyful self."

After a late July biopsy, Teresa received a cancer diagnosis and was scheduled in for surgery at the RMH.

Before undergoing surgery, to remove a quarter of her tongue and a tracheostomy to prevent its spread, Teresa describes the level of support and preparation at RMH.

"In just 15 minutes of the initial multi-disciplinary routine meeting, there were close to 20 specialists from various teams across the RMH were by my side. From oral maxillofacial experts, speech...

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Bridging the gaps in the patient journey

Grampians Health was delighted to welcome a new dedicated Bowel Care Nurse at Ballarat Base Hospital and St John of God Hospital Ballarat to support bowel cancer patients across the region and assist them in their treatment journey.

Providing care coordination, while identifying and bridging gaps in the patient journey, which has the potential to change outcomes within the region.

“During their treatment, local patients often meet with several different teams along the way, and navigating the information and appointments can be overwhelming at times. Having a centralised point of contact to provide clarity and reassurance has been warmly welcomed here at the service,” said Jaymee, specialist Bowel Care Nurse.

The funding for the...

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Love & staying positive conquers all

Ruth South and her husband Neville have endured way more than any couple should have to face together, yet their love is stronger than ever.

They met at a young age. When Ruth was just 16, they bought a property in the picturesque township of Cockatoo in Dandenong's Eastern Ranges. Seven years later, their home was razed to the ground in the Ash Wednesday fires. The couple chose to rebuild and are still in the same house today.

They married in 1978 and had four sons. When their third-born son, Matthew, was just 19, they were dealt another massive blow. Matthew was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. He underwent aggressive treatment at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and had several surgeries at St...

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St Vincent’s nurse clocks up four years going dry in July

Whenever you meet a nurse from St Vincent’s, one thing stands out: their passion for their work and their patients. Jess Brain, a 6 West Oncology Ward nurse, is no exception. Her passion is infectious!

Jess is channeling this passion to commit to her fourth year of giving up alcohol to do Dry July. But she’s not the only one getting involved. Jess has inspired six of her teammates to join her in the challenge.

Jess says the opportunity to raise funds for her patients inspires her to do Dry July. “I’m happy to make the sacrifice because it means patients get to enjoy items they wouldn’t normally. This is especially important for rural patients who come through emergency because they often don’t even have toiletries.”

Each year, she’s...

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Sok 's story

“I won't lie, I have moments where I've broken down, and I've cried. I want to give up at times. But it's the people around me who are cheering me on and telling me ‘You can do this. You're very strong. You've come so far.’”

Sok Whyte is a Clinical Nurse Educator at WSLHD who was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in February 2022. She received treatment at Westmead Hospital, where she works.

“Having the services at Westmead Hospital and working here has been a true blessing. The moment that I saw the doctor, I knew I was in really good hands.”

Sok has volunteered to participate in CPMCC Dry July campaign and encourages you to support the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre (CPMCC) team at Westmead Hospital, who are raising a...

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Practical support for mums with cancer

A cancer diagnosis is devastating for anyone. When someone is told they have cancer, and they’re also a mum, the impact is even more profound.

For mums in this situation, often some of their first thoughts are about the practicalities – how to tell the kids, who will care for the children whilet they’re having treatment, how they’ll keep up with their usual tasks around the house, and whether they’ll see their children grow up.

This is where Mummy’s Wish comes in.

Every mum registered with Mummy’s Wish receives a Mummy’s Wish Care Pack.

A practical way to provide information and resources for the mums, the packs also include a selection of books carefully chosen to help have difficult conversations with young children about cancer.


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Liz's story

Hi, I’m Liz. I’m 37 years old, married to a spunky guy, mother to 3 beautiful children (6, 8, and 10) and I have brain cancer. And I can tell you, brain cancer sucks!

My extended family has had it tough with this disease. My cousin Luke passed away a number of years ago after living most of his life with a childhood form of the disease. Then his brother also had a brain tumour removed recently and my eldest sister Michelle was diagnosed with brain cancer almost 10 years ago too.

My journey with brain cancer started at home on the 10th June 2021. That’s the day I had my first seizure and my world changed forever.

In the lead up, I had been experiencing a large number of minor yet ever increasing symptoms like anxiety, tiredness, losing...

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Rosi's story

Cancer impacted my life from a very young age. Sadly, both my mother and father passed away after a diagnosis – my mother died when she was 46 and I was 10, and my father when he was 56. This difficult period impacted me deeply and has been imprinted on my behaviour since. Because of this loss, I have always appreciated the everyday, along with being very grateful to be in good health.

It is an unfortunate reality that most of us have been affected by cancer in some way, but I am relieved that there is now so much help available to manage the treatment process and ease some of the burden of a diagnosis.

I have been involved with Look Good Feel Better for decades now; first as a supporter during my time as a beauty department sales...

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Remi's story

At nearly four years old, our cheese-loving, female Brussels Griffon is more than an adorable pet. A therapy dog at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse since 2020, Remi has touched many hearts with her healing presence and provided comfort and solace to patients at a difficult time.

Not just any dog is suited to being a therapy dog, it requires a special temperament and compassion. Recently, Remi completed a rigorous six months of training, - funded by Dry July - proving her competence and receiving an official registration to practice her special method of holistic care, along with Karen Heath, Volunteer Services Manager at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse “It was a relief to know that we had passed. Remi had no idea the level of achievement she had...

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