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Every day, 4 Australian women are diagnosed and 3 women will die from ovarian cancer. Only 46% of women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer will survive.

It is the most underfunded and deadliest female cancer in Australia.

Ovarian Cancer Australia is the independent national not-for-profit organisation, supporting women with ovarian cancer. Our focus is to provide care and support for those affected by ovarian cancer; and represent them by leading change. Our vision is to save lives and ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

We hear from our women impacted by ovarian cancer that it often feels like a very isolating disease. This is particularly true for our younger women. In March 2019, we launched the Younger Women’s Network – a pilot program. It is a series of 12 online facilitated support and information sessions delivered monthly for 1.5 hours with approximately 5-8 women participating in each session with a health professional facilitator.

Amy Stewart, a member of the Younger Women’s Network group was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer when she was 33 commented “one of the most difficult things about having ovarian cancer as a young woman is the sense of isolation and not having women who you can relate to. To access support that is both cancer-specific and age-appropriate has made such a difference for me. I have gained so much knowledge from the information sessions and being able to meet young women going through the same thing as I am, has been so reassuring and comforting. Nothing else like this exists.”

We know it’s been a tough year with the drought, bushfires, floods and the current COVID-19 pandemic – and the community has been generous in both spirit and donations. So this, July. Go as dry as you’re willing to try with Dry(ish) July. You have the option to choose how long you go dry for. No matter what you choose, your support will assist the Younger Women’s Network for 2020. Together we can provide support and information sessions for our younger women so they do not feel so isolated and they can connect with other women in a similar situation.

Latest Updates

2019 Dry July funds help OCA create The Ovarian Cancer Younger Women’s Network!

The funds raised in 2019 assisted in the Ovarian Cancer Support Team to set develop and deliver The Ovarian Cancer Younger Women’s Network.

The program is online facilitated support and information sessions, delivered monthly for 1.5 hours with between 3 and 12 women participating in each session with a health professional facilitator.

The topics covered each month were specifically tailored for this age group and included 'Talking to Kids about Cancer', 'Managing Menopause Symptoms', 'Coping Strategies and Managing Stress', 'Sexuality, Body Image and Relationships', 'Making Meaning after a Cancer Diagnosis' and 'Hope and Uncertainty.'

The program was overwhelmingly positive and was a significant benefit for all women who chose to take part.

The women strongly felt that the program increased their sense of connection to others with the disease and decreased the sense of isolation which can arise as a young woman living with ovarian cancer.

With these encouraging results Ovarian Cancer Australia are committed to continuing the program into 2020 and beyond.

Read what our women say about the sessions:

“It was my first time attending. I thought it was fabulous, thank you”

“Loved open discussion after presentation”

“Really took a lot away from this session super helpful advice and Sam was extremely knowledgeable and it was easy to understand the information she was giving us. Thanks so much for providing us with this support group, it has been very beneficial already!”

“I would highly recommend this group to any younger women with OC not so much to friends or colleagues”

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