Thank you for taking on the Dry July challenge for Ovarian Cancer Australia this year!

With your help, Ovarian Cancer Australia’s Psychosocial Support Team continue to provide a comprehensive range of clinical and psychosocial support specifically tailored to women with ovarian cancer.

This team includes counsellors, psychologists, a sexuality counsellor, and social workers who provide support for women experiencing anxiety and depression, sexuality and body image issues and financial toxicity.

As I'm sure you know, women with ovarian cancer have reported that the mental health tolls of this disease can be as challenging as the physical symptoms. It is vital that women have support in these areas as part of their treatment. Thanks to the funds raised during Dry July, our Psychosocial Team can continue to support women with ovarian cancer through these challenges.

Please know that these support services wouldn't be possible without people like you.

On behalf of women and families affected by ovarian cancer and all the staff at Ovarian Cancer Australia, we would like to thank you for your support in helping to ensure that no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

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