Dry July and your Workplace

Connect with your team, feel healthier and do something incredible to support people affected by cancer.

What is Dry July?

Dry July challenges Australians to go alcohol-free in July and fundraise to support people affected by cancer.

Benefits for your workmates & workplace

Whilst your workplace’s fundraising makes a huge difference to the lives of people experiencing cancer, there’s also some great outcomes for your team and your business. Download the benefits and an overview of Dry July.

Benefits for your Workplace

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Enhance leadership skills

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Strengthen teamwork & connection

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Build resilience

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Stimulate creative thinking

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Promote healthy lifestyle changes

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Support your community

Benefits for your Team

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A clear head

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Better sleep

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Healthier skin

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Weight loss

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Increased energy levels

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A great sense of achievement

How to get your workplace involved?

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1. Nominate a workplace team leader and have them sign up

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2. Create a Workplace Team and invite workmates to join

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3. Go dry in July, fundraise and enjoy the benefits!

We've got plenty of tools and resources to help you promote your workplace's Dry July.

What else is great about Dry July?

blue tick in yellow circle A win-win for participants

blue tick in yellow circle Fit for business of all sizes

blue tick in yellow circle Fully supported by our Dry July team

blue tick in yellow circle Accessible from home or office

blue tick in yellow circle Free to register

blue tick in yellow circle A cause that connects

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We did see improvement in the health of some of the team which has continued into August, which is great!

- Advertising, Arts & Media Industry

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Encouraging others to get involved, taking part in something outside of your comfort zone. Raising money for a fantastic cause and feeling great.

- Real Estate Industry

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Dry July meant that we worked as a team even more than usual, joining forces for something so positive for our community.

- Retail Industry

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Participating in Dry July sent a great health message to our wider workplace, fostering comradery amongst our team, resulting from a sense of belonging to something bigger.

- Government

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