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Nepean Cancer Care Centre is located in Penrith and sees more than 220 patients a day.

With this number growing rapidly the support we receive from Dry July helps us to purchase specialised equipment and fund projects such as laser therapy, artwork and murals to create ambiance, wellness programs and new wigs for the wig library.

Cancer affects the mind, body and spirit, which is why Nepean Cancer Care Centre offers a holistic approach to treatment and healing, encompassing physical, emotional, social and spiritual care. We understand that this can be a difficult and often frightening time for patients, as well as for their family and friends.

Providing support, comfort and care for people affected by cancer. This is why we Dry July.

Latest Updates

Nepean Cancer Care Centre continues to provide comfort and support services thanks to Dry July 2023 funds

The funds are helping the Nepean Cancer Care Centre to upgrade its garden, providing a comforting and welcoming environment for patients and families waiting for treatment, as well as the purchase of gender tailored gowns and valuable patient equipment. 

You should feel so proud knowing the funds raised for Dry July have helped Nepean Cancer Care fund multiple projects

Your fundraising for Dry July has enabled Nepean Cancer Care to purchase items for their Wellness Program, Radiation Unit, patient equipment and to refurbish the patient waiting area.

Our Wellness Program will continue to improve our patients’ physical, mental wellbeing, and recovery journey and the refurbishment of our patient waiting room will help reduce patient anxiety and have a more relaxed and welcoming feel for our patients.

The team at Nepean Cancer Care are battling for first place!

Who will take home the Dry July Trophy and have bragging rights for the next twelve months? Last year’s winner Dr Deme Karikios raised $13,133.25, will he keep his title or will another crusader take his place?

Funds raised will directly support cancer patients in our community undergoing treatment at the centre.

Send the team a message of encouragement and keep those donations rolling in.

Dry July fundraising has helped Nepean Cancer Care develop a specialised 8 week exercise program.

Dry July funds have been put to good use in a number of ways, most recently through a new exercise program that sees patients complete a specialised 8-week Exercise program run by an accredited Exercise Physiologist in Emu Plains.

Cancer Care Physio Glyndon Wakeman says that they hope to continue to fund the program through the support of Dry July.

“The most important thing is to have the support of people driving donations through the Dry July”, says Glyndon.

Peter from Erskine Park is a patient of the Nepean Cancer Care Centre who is seeing the benefits of being involved in the program.

“I’ve got more energy for a start”, says Peter. “It improves my day-to-day lifestyle and is helping to slow down the progression of my cancer.”

Nepean Cancer Centre benefits from Dry July Foundation Grant Program

We're pleased to announce that Nepean Cancer Care Centre has received an additional grant from the Dry July Foundation October grant round.

This grant will enable new wigs for the Wig Library. This will increase the number of patients who can access the Wig Library, a greater variety of modern style wigs will also assist patients in finding a style that suits them to give them more confidence  

The grant will also help launching a Wellness program that provides 8-week program for patients free of charge, conducted by an exercise physiologist .

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