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Nepean Cancer Care Centre is located in Penrith and sees more than 220 patients a day.

With this number growing rapidly the support we receive from Dry July helps us to purchase specialised equipment and fund projects such as laser therapy, artwork and murals to create ambiance, wellness programs and new wigs for the wig library.

Cancer affects the mind, body and spirit, which is why Nepean Cancer Care Centre offers a holistic approach to treatment and healing, encompassing physical, emotional, social and spiritual care. We understand that this can be a difficult and often frightening time for patients, as well as for their family and friends.

Providing support, comfort and care for people affected by cancer. This is why we Dry July.

Latest Updates

Decals on windows in Cancer Centre

The transfers funded by Dry July funds have made a huge difference to the environment in the facility. It goes a long way to providing a more warm and friendly environment.

Custom CT Scanner Artwork

Nepean Cancer Care Centre used funds from Dry July 2015 to improve patient comfort in the clinic rooms, including installing custom artwork on a CT scanner.

Having tests during a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming and this artwork is intended to offer a less clinical environment for patients.

Cake Stall at Nepean Cancer Care Centre

Wednesday was Nepean Cancer Care Centre's Dry July cake stall.

A little girl by the name of Sinise Hearn knew about this event and decided she would use this day to do something very special that she had waited to do for over two years! Sinise wanted to cut her hair and donate it for wigs for cancer patients. Sinise had met a lady at that time who had gone through chemo at our centre and had seen her lose her hair. From that point on she decided she wanted to help. She also thought that this would be a great opportunity to raise money for our patients through Dry July. So far, through donations on the day and online she has raised just over $400. All this from a little eight year old girl with a big heart and the encouragement and support of her family.

Well done Sinise!

The cake stall also raised an amazing $700.00!

BBQ for Dry July at Nepean Hospital

The incredible Nepean Cancer Carers held a lunchtime BBQ this week, raising over $550 for Dry July. They could have sold more but unfortunately ran out of sausages!

Thanks to IGA Blaxland who supplied all the goods free of change and without any hesitation to donate.

Raising Money for Nepean Cancer Care Centre

To celebrate the launch of Dry July, the NCCC held a Trivia Night on 1 July 2016. Here are some photos from the night - with a special thanks to the sponsors including donors to the silent auction and especially the Kingswood Bowling Club, who provided the venue at no cost, and whose customers made unexpected cash donations.

Over $7,500.00 was raised at the event!

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