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Nepean Cancer Care Centre is located in Penrith and sees more than 220 patients a day.

With this number growing rapidly the support we receive from Dry July helps us to purchase specialised equipment and fund projects such as laser therapy, artwork and murals to create ambiance, wellness programs and new wigs for the wig library. Cancer affects the mind, body and spirit, which is why Nepean Cancer Care Centre offers a holistic approach to treatment and healing, encompassing physical, emotional, social and spiritual care. We understand that this can be a difficult and often frightening time for patients, as well as for their family and friends.

Last year Dry July funded our first Wellness Exercise Program that has shown to improve our patients’ physical, mental wellbeing and recovery journey. This year we wish to continue funding to support the Wellness program, install images on the ceiling of our radiation treatment room to help reduce patient anxiety and purchase equipment to help improve the comfort and care of patients affected by cancer.

Latest Updates

Thank you from Nepean Radiation Therapy

This week the hardware for the replacement Radiation Therapy music library arrived and has successfully been put in place a few moments ago.

Thank you to Dry July for funding this, and to the Dry July team here at Nepean Cancer Care Centre for doing such a great job at raising the money.

This will go a long way to making the patients’ treatments less stressful while being isolated in a noisy bunker.

Improvements at Nepean Cancer Care Centre

NCCC is using funds raised by Dry July in 2015 towards improving patient comfort in the clinic rooms, updating patient waiting areas, and improving video conference equipment.

The video conferencing equipment enables patients who are receiving palliative care treatment to stay in the comfort of their own home, rather than needing to travel to the hospital for care, and the equipment upgrade will make communication more seamless.

Making Patients More Comfortable at Nepean Cancer Care Centre

Nepean Cancer Care Centre in Penrith will use Dry July 2014 and 2015 funds towards a range of projects aimed at making patients a little more comfortable. These include:

  • Production of film clips to help with new patient orientation
  • Pressure care cushions
  • Over bed tables and bed wedges
  • New wheel chairs
  • Samsung tablets for waiting radiotherapy patients
  • Double bed air mattress so that family and carers can stay overnight when needed

Fundraising for Nepean

Nepean Cancer Care Centre recently held a trivia night to help fundraise and raise awareness about Dry July.

LED Lightshows installed at Nepean CCC

On Monday 29 June, Nepean Cancer Care Centre celebrated the completion of their LED lightshow installation. 2 lighting boxes have been installed in the centre’s 2 radiotherapy bunkers to distract and amuse patients during their treatment.

These installations will make a huge difference to patients facing what can be an intimidating treatment experience in the bunkers.
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