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Nepean Cancer Care Centre, Penrith

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The Nepean Cancer Service is committed to providing a comprehensive cancer service for patients with cancer and blood disorders. Ambulatory services are provided through the Nepean Cancer Centre, with radiation oncology, medical oncology, clinical haematology, psycho-oncology, allied health and supportive and palliative care services. Inpatient services include medical oncology, haematology, radiation oncology, supportive and palliative care services. Satellite Chemotherapy services also operate at Hawkesbury and Lithgow Hospitals.

Your support in this year’s Dry July campaign will help fund various new projects across our service aimed to improve patient care and comfort.

Latest Updates

New Arrivals at Nepean Cancer Centre

Nepean Cancer Care Centre recently received delivery of several items funded by Dry July 2014, including 4 new chemotherapy chairs and a bariatric wheelchair. All of their projects are aimed at making patients receiving treatment at the centre a little more comfortable.

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Staff at Nepean Cancer Care Centre have just unpacked new pressure cushions, funded by Dry July. These will provide patients with much needed pressure care at home and within an inpatient setting. The centre has also purchased pressure mattresses.

Pressure care equipment is  designed to prevent the occurrence of and treatment of pressure related medical conditions, which occur after sitting or lying in one position for too long.
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Improvements at Nepean Hospital, Penrith

Nepean Cancer Care Centre installed new chairs with funds from Dry July 2013. The centre also purchased pressure care cushions, an umbrella wrap machine, high pressure mattress overlays, and a bladder scanner.

Two luminous LED skylights are also being installed in the centre’s radiotherapy bunker areas.

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Upgrades at Nepean CCC Waiting Area

Nepean Cancer Care Centre used funds from Dry July 2012 to upgrade the facilities in the main waiting area, to compliment the new courtyard renovation (funded by Dry July). This included replacing chairs, installing a new beverage service, bookcase / entertainment area, and aquarium.

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Nepean Cancer Care Centre Courtyard

The NCCC in Penrith recently completed renovation of their courtyard area, funded by Dry July 2011. The outdoor area is a place for cancer patients and their families to get some fresh air away from the busy waiting area.

Complete with plenty of seating, a bubbling fountain, and calming vegetation it is a space in which patients can relax peacefully. Prior to refurbishment patients were not able to access this space.

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