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The Nepean Cancer Service is committed to providing a comprehensive cancer service for patients with cancer and blood disorders.

Ambulatory services are provided through the Nepean Cancer Centre, with radiation oncology, medical oncology, clinical haematology, psycho-oncology, allied health and supportive and palliative care services. Inpatient services include medical oncology, haematology, radiation oncology, supportive and palliative care services. Satellite Chemotherapy services also operate at Hawkesbury and Lithgow Hospitals.

Your support in this year’s Dry July campaign will help fund various new projects across our service aimed to improve patient care and comfort.

Latest Updates


We have a signed Panthers jersey to raffle, all proceeds to the 2017 Nepean Cancer Centre's Dry July campaign. 

Kindly presented today by David Patullo - Penrith Junior League Board Chairman.

Thanks to the Panthers!!

Nepean by the sea!

Due to Dry July Funding, windows in the chemotherapy treatment area have been enhanced by the application of transfers, these have transformed the area and the environment completely.Unfortunately, the days can be long for some of those attending the area.  

Patients, their families and friends as well as the staff find it a more relaxing and pleasing environment to spend their time. 

Decals on windows in Cancer Centre

The transfers funded by Dry July funds have made a huge difference to the environment in the facility. It goes a long way to providing a more warm and friendly environment.

Custom CT Scanner Artwork

Nepean Cancer Care Centre used funds from Dry July 2015 to improve patient comfort in the clinic rooms, including installing custom artwork on a CT scanner.

Having tests during a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming and this artwork is intended to offer a less clinical environment for patients.

Cake Stall at Nepean Cancer Care Centre

Wednesday was Nepean Cancer Care Centre's Dry July cake stall.

A little girl by the name of Sinise Hearn knew about this event and decided she would use this day to do something very special that she had waited to do for over two years! Sinise wanted to cut her hair and donate it for wigs for cancer patients. Sinise had met a lady at that time who had gone through chemo at our centre and had seen her lose her hair. From that point on she decided she wanted to help. She also thought that this would be a great opportunity to raise money for our patients through Dry July. So far, through donations on the day and online she has raised just over $400. All this from a little eight year old girl with a big heart and the encouragement and support of her family.

Well done Sinise!

The cake stall also raised an amazing $700.00!

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