Palliative care beds so patients can stay at home

"The palliative care beds donated though fundraising by the Nepean Cancer Carers Dry July team and other fundraisers [for Nepean Cancer Care Centre] have been a welcome addition to our loan pool. These beds allow our clients to remain at home during some of the most stressful times for them and their loved ones. Clients are able to be cared for in a safe environment for them allowing their loved ones, the nursing staff and other supports to provide care and at the same time reduce the risk of possible harm to all.

The beds allow the clients to be positioned comfortably and to prevent pressure injuries with the addition of an air mattress. Clients are able to transfer with more ease on to other equipment including chairs, as the height can be adjusted to enable this. Linen is provided if required but the client is able to have his/her own, including pillows and more personalised coverings. 

Thank you for helping us to help our clients and their loved ones."

Colin Ellis, Deputy Director Community Health , Hawkesbury District Health Service, NSW

Nepean Cancer Care Centre, Penrith

$4,739.90 raised

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