Thanks to our funding, Wollongong Hospital has been able to create bright, welcoming waiting areas

Our patients told us that that our clinical and cold feeling waiting areas only encouraged feelings of anxiety and fear about their cancer treatment. They suggested a warmer environment with softer décor and visual improvements.

We collaborated with the local Aboriginal community of Coomaditchie asking them to create a bright welcoming artwork for our patients and visitors. They created a unique piece for us with significant meaning.

The flame tree in the centre represents the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre. The petals around it in orange are all the people and the black lines leading to it are the roads people travel on to get here. The coloured circles represent the different colours of cancer. The butterflies and dragonflies represent eternal life. The green on the top background is the escarpment.

Now installed it is a great focal point on entry and we have received very positive feedback about how the artwork brightens the space.

We also knew our patients enjoyed a distraction when seated in the centre. We wanted to create the opportunity for patients to take a book from the book store, at no cost, and enjoy it.

Wollongong Hospital

$42,802.73 raised