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I'm going dry because someone I know has been affected by cancer.

Status Updates

$62.60 from Edwin

I'm attempting a dry Monday to Thursday next week in support. Cheers.

Thanks for your kind donation.

$150.00 from Ben Gillies

Well done Mike xoxo

Thanks so much Ben, goes to a good cause.

Status Update

Three weeks into the thirteen week no alcohol challenge and feeling fantastic.
I did weaken to a piece of chocolate guiness cake, does that count?

$62.60 from Anne and Ross Priestman

Sending positive thoughts. ❤️

Thanks guys, Much appreciated

$35.00 from Kate Hunt

For a great cause Mike

Thanks Kate, much appreciated

$100.00 from andi salon for men

best wishes

Thankyou Thankyou

$35.00 from andi salon for men

best wishes

And Thankyou again

$260.20 from Dunsborough Holiday Homes

You got this. 😊🥰

Whow , Thanks so much for your kind donation. :)

$35.00 from Jo Ayris


Thanks so much, dry May, June and July. Easy hey

$62.60 from Paula Khera

Really appreciate it thanks
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