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I’m doing Dry July this year to raise funds for a foundation that is close to my heart, the prostate cancer foundation. Since my Dad’s diagnosis I have been inspired to raise money for this important cause to ensure other patients and their families in the same boat are able to access important support services and assistance 🤍

Status Updates

$52.20 from Amalia Lagias

$50.00 from Brooke Farrell

$35.00 from tom winter

$35.00 from Lisa English

Love you guys xxx

$15.80 from Jack Presti


$52.20 from Karin Wrigley

Wishing your dad a full and speedy recovery. Well done to you for supporting a necessary cause. Best of luck xxx

$20.00 from Tarra Earl

$36.60 from Elaine &Scott

Elaine & Scott ..give your Dad a big hug from us

$35.00 from Gemma Beattie


$100.00 from Jordan Lobosco

I love you xx

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