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I am going dry in July to give my body a bit of break and at the same time raise money for my workplace of 20 + years Alfred Cancer..
Over the years money from Dry July fundraising has gone to make some very significant improvements at Alfred Cancer.

It is a much nicer environment for the patients and staff.

We have a new garden area, a new reception area on the ground floor of Radiation Oncology, music therapy. Accommodation for rural patients, transport for people that are in need. Improvements to 7 east ( the inpatient cancer ward) . Nifty screens on the ceilings of radiotherapy treatment rooms so that the patients have a relaxing view to look at. A blanket warming machine so that blankets are nice and toasty!
That is just what comes to mind . There is more!

The wonderful people at Dry July do very good work and I am keen to help them help others.

Seeing all the improvements makes it rewarding contributing and raising money for Dry July .

In 2018 I raised $3786 and in 2019 it was $1,038.
I would love to raise more than $3,800. I know that the cost of living at the moment sucks but donations over $2 will bring down your taxable income and hopefully make for a better tax return.
It all adds up and I will be thrilled with any sized donation. Thank you

If you want to sign up to do Dry July please choose The Alfred as the beneficiary and if you would like to join a team we would love to have you join the Alfred Rad Onc team!

Status Updates

Status Update

It is still June. Trying out a spicy margarita at a new restaurant on Hardware Lane.

$62.60 from Louise Hand

Love your commitment to this fabulous cause Bron! 👏👏💕💕xx

OMG thank you for getting me across the half way line. Your generous contribution will be rewarded in a few drinks when you have time and it is not July XX

$60.00 from Kula Papargiris

So proud of you! Well done

Thank you KP for your generous contribution and support. Miss you madly. We have to go to Ok Billy with Juzzy. X

$35.00 from Aki Refuerzo

Great work Bron! 🥂

Awww thanks Aki. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated. We are very lucky to have you working in our department. :)

$52.20 from Scott & Anthony

Very impressed Bron! You know how much Champagne you can buy with $3500!!!

thank you very much to you both for your generous donation. I greatly appreciate you supporting me with something I am very passionate about. Looking forward to drinking with you both later in the year XX

$104.20 from Tamra Keating

You are amazing!

thank you very much for your generous donation. We will have to book in a boozy lunch in August. XX

$21.00 from Megan Mcdonald

You’re a legend Bron!

you are the legend for donating. thank you very much for the generous donation . :)

$36.60 from Susan Findlay

Thank you very much for your generous donation. I really appreciate you helping me raise funds for such a worthy cause. :)

$36.60 from Anonymous

oooh thank you generous anonymous lovely person. I really appreciate your support :)

Status Update

It isn't July yet so here are some tequilas enjoyed last night.

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Target: $3,000.00


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