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Just over six weeks ago, on the eve of Easter, my Dad was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of cancer.

Two and a half weeks after the diagnosis, my beautiful, caring and selfless Dad lost his very short but brave battle to this debilitating disease.

I will be doing 'Dry July' this year to raise much needed funds for people that are affected by cancer, be it for the patients themselves to receive the care they so desperately need, their families that require emotional support and counselling or even the carers.

Please get behind me to raise a much as possible, every little bit counts. 🙏 ❤️‍🩹

Status Updates

$21.00 from Tash Royals

Well done Tim 🙌❤️

$52.20 from Trevor CASSIDY

Well Done Tim

$50.00 from Dani and Kane H

Good on you Tim!

Thanks Kano and Dani, that's greatly appreciated 🙏

$21.00 from Ellie Flower

Thanks for the kind donation Ellie 🤗

$15.00 from Kaila Reid

Thanks Kaila 😊

$52.20 from Karyn & Barney Brown

Great job Tim !!

Thanks Kaz and Barn ❤️

$60.00 from Tim Dower

$50.00 from Stuart Lomax

Good on ya Timmy

Thanks for the generous donation Stu! ❤️‍🩹

$100.00 from Jess, Kyle, Sadie, Darcy & Marlow

You’re doing a great job Tim!

Thanks Jess ❤️

$35.00 from Talia Piperni

Thanks Talia, this means more than what you know.
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