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By supporting Dry July Foundation, you can help create a better life for people affected by cancer.

With the help of Dry July participants and donors each year, Dry July Foundation ensures local and national cancer support organisations across Australia can deliver practical, tangible support services for people affected by cancer.

These services include:
• Information and Support Services
• Specialist Cancer Nurses
• Wellness Programs
• Cancer Centre Improvements
• Accommodation and Transport
• Comfort and Support Items

Dry July Foundation also runs a grant application round which takes place in October each year. Grant recipients may include our existing beneficiaries and/or other organisations such as metropolitan hospitals, regional hospitals, and other not-for-profit entities, who will use the funds for projects which improve the comfort and wellbeing of people affected by cancer.

For more information please email [email protected]

Latest Updates

Dry July Foundation funds 40 projects across Australia from the 2021 October Grant Round

We’re so excited to announce recipients of Dry July Foundation funding from the 2021 October Grant Round.

We have been able to fund 40 projects across 34 organisations. These projects and programs benefit cancer patients, their families and carers; aiming to make a difficult time, a little easier for those affected by cancer. Here are the successful applicants and the projects they will be delivering…

Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre

• BRICC Wellness Centre Programs - 15 programs previously supported by DJF including Yoga; Art therapy; financial counselling; Shiatsu, Mindfulness, Delta Dog Visits, Reiki etc.

Barwon Health’s Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong

• Virtual Reality Headsets for the Chemotherapy Day Ward - Purchase of additional virtual reality headsets for the VR system purchased via DJF funds in 2020, providing the patient an escape from their treatment.

Bendigo Health

• Open the Gobbé Wellness Centre Full Time - This grant will allow Bendigo Health’s Cancer Wellness Program to go from opening three days a week to five days.

Bowel Cancer Australia

• In-House Bowel Care Nutritionist Program- Expansion of their Bowel Care Nutritionist program; catering to the 68% spike in enquiries to their free helpline during the pandemic.

Calvary Mater Hospital, Newcastle

• Purchase x10 Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitors in each of the Ward 5C (Haematology) single rooms- Ensure that clinical and observation monitoring is carried out effectively and safely for cancer patients isolated in a single room.

Central Coast LHD - CoastCanCare

• CoastCanCare therapy program - Evidence-based therapies and programs, as well as connecting cancer patients to local services.

Gold Coast Hospital

• Bladder Scanner - Purchase of the Bladder Scanner means nursing staff can scan oncology patients and assess the amount of urine in the bladder on the spot in real time; leading to faster intervention and better patient outcomes.

Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

• 2022 Integrated Oncology Programs Manager - continuation of their wellness program, including oncology massage, acupuncture and yoga.

Mater Cancer Care Centre, Brisbane

• Women's Wellness after Cancer Program (WWACP)- continuation of the WWACP, aiming to improve the quality of life and reduce treatment-related chronic disease risks in women following cancer treatment.

Mummy’s Wish

• Mums Support Coordinators - Connecting, Counselling & Palliative Project - This position will help continue to build relationships with every mum, ensuring they have relevant, tailored and practical ways to ease the burden of managing family life through cancer treatment.

Nepean Cancer Care Centre

• Upgrade to the patient outdoor area - Introducing automated doors for easy access, additional artwork, and an outdoor television for their patient call system that also provides information to patients regarding services and local interests.

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre

• Continuation of the Wellness Gym and Exercise Wellness Program - These programs are specifically designed to help cancer patients feel supported not only physically, but socially and emotionally as well.


• Understanding your cancer diagnosis video series - helping patients and their families diagnosed with an upper GI cancer better understand their diagnosis, what to expect next and greatly aid the referral and engagement with Pancare's PanSupport services.

Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre

• While You're Here - High End Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate - refreshments for patients and their carers

St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne 

6 projects:

• x4 Kindle and Amazon eBook voucher

• Pre-packed toiletry bags (ongoing)

• Headspace App (annual subscription)

• Digital step on scales x 2

• x4 Ipad stand with wheels - allowing patients to connect virtually with their families

The Alfred, Melbourne 

• Continue the Music Therapy Program for Cancer & Palliative Care Patients.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital 

• Enhanced Recovery after Surgery project - Enable printing of documentation for an Enhanced Recovery after Surgery diary for head and neck cancer patients. The ERAS diary will allow a patient centered process on the ward allowing each cancer patient to record their steps towards recovery after their surgery (pain, food, mobilisation, feelings etc.)

The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre 

• Art and Writing Therapies- Continuation of the Choices Art, Writing and Music Therapies Program.

Wollongong Hospital

• While You're Here - High End Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate - refreshments for patients and their carers.

Concord Cancer Centre

• Continue funding its individual and group music therapy program run by Nordoff Robbins.


• Dream-Maker Program - This program aims to help people over 17 living with metastatic cancer, relapsed blood borne cancers or grades 3 and 4 brain cancers identify and realize their dreams. Whether it’s a short break with loved ones, jumping out of a plane, or a zoom with their favourite celebrity; they help cancer patients regain a sense of control and positivity.

Northern Health

• Car - a vehicle for nursing staff to attend to oncology & haematology patients for "at-home" service, saving stressful trips into hospital.

• Comfort Patient Bags - this DJF branded tote bag will be given to each new patient on their first visit. The comfort bags will include: thermometer, SPF 30+ sunscreen, lip balm, QV cream, Bonjela mouth ulcer gel, QV wash, peppermint mints & 10 x pack surgical masks)


• Next Steps cancer wellness program - a specialised oncology exercise group course (10-weeks) designed to address the multiple health needs of people who are affected by cancer.

Western Health

• x120 BreastWest Care Packs - Moogoo Cream, Sheepskin Seat Belt, Slumbies (non slip socks) Scarf, Exercise Resistance Bands, Omron MC341 10 second read thermometer, Oral Seven Anti-bacterial Mouth Wash, Oral Seven Toothpaste, Headsox (dri fit wear for chemo), Wigs x 60, Wig fitting x 60

Camden and Campbelltown

• Evidence-based integrated oncology program - provide supportive therapies for patients who are going through treatment

Cancer Wellness Support

• Additional mobile scanner for their Sozo machines - helping to give an early indication of fluid changes and improve the management of lymphodema, a chronic condition amongst cancer patients


• Continuation of the Spot On Resource for Australians with Advanced Melanoma, introducing two Spot On podcasts and a resilience pack. These resources aim to deliver invaluable information, as well some comfort and support to Australians who have just received a Stage III or IV Melanoma diagnosis.

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

• Expansion of the Music Therapy program so that more Cancer Care services can access their program. The program aims to create a comfortable, fun, relaxing environment for people navigating a cancer diagnosis.

Otis Foundation

• 607 Gifted Nights Regional Breast Cancer Retreat Accomodation - help the Otis Foundation ensure that as many people as possible who are experiencing breast cancer can access their retreat accommodation. The retreat aims to provide temporary escape from the psychological and emotional challenges that often accompany a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our House Lismore

• A good night sleep - Our House is a place where cancer patients stay during their treatment at Lismore Base Hospital. Being 9 years old and having 1000 + guests a year, the 20 mattresses are needing to be replaced.

Sutherland Hospital

• x4 chemo chairs for patients attending the Oncology Day Clinic.

Bankstown Hospital

• Wellness Through Massage - Promoting wellness for patients affected by cancer through the complementary therapy of oncology massage.

Mark Hughes Foundation

• Printing of resources for Brain Cancer Patient Support


• Development of an Education Career Support program (ECS) for young people diagnosed with cancer, this project aims to improve outcomes for individuals with the potential for long-term flow-on effects for community and society.

Dry July Foundation funds 45 projects from October Grant Round

We’re so happy to announce the recipients of Dry July Foundation funding from the 2020 October Grant Round.

We received 117 applications totaling just under $3 million. With $915,000 available, we were able to fund 45 projects across 33 organisations. Here are the successful applicants and the projects they will be delivering…

National Organisations

Leukaemia Foundation

• Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Support Coordinators - additional award

- The Leukaemia Foundations (LF) Blood Cancer Support Coordinators (BCSCs) ensure support is provided to those living with blood cancer when they need it the most, no matter where they are.

Bowel Cancer Australia

• Part-funding of the Bowel Care Nurse Program

- Providing nationwide telenursing and nutritional support for patients and loved ones through the charity’s Helpline and Peer-to-Peer Support Network.

Breast Cancer Network Australia

• Living with Breast Cancer Podcast Series

- Empowering breast cancer patients to listen to topics relevant to their diagnosis and or interest where and when it suits them.


• Dream Maker

- Making dreams come true for adult cancer patients who are living with metastatic cancer

Groundswell Project

• Creative Legacy Program

- Creative Legacy is an award winning arts and health program that connects people and their families receiving palliative care with professional artists to create personalised, meaningful artworks.

Melanoma Institute 

• Early detection of lymphoedema for cancer patients

Purchase of equipment (bioimpedance spectroscopy and lymphscanner) used in the early detection of lymphedema.

Mummy's Wish

• Care Packs for Mums with Cancer and their young children

- These care packs are posted to all mums registered with Mummy’s Wish to help prepare and support them and their families as mum goes through treatment for cancer.

Pancare Foundation

• The Upper GI Cancer Video Resources

- Helping to begin phase one of a range of accessible and easy to understand animated videos which help to clearly explain cancer-related information.

PINC&STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Foundation

• PINC&STEEL Classes Project

- A specialised cancer rehabilitation / oncology exercise group course (10-weeks) designed to address the multiple health needs of people who are affected by cancer. Each Pinc&Steel Group class incorporates elements of yoga, Pilates, and cardio training to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Pinc&Steel will also offer online classes.

The OTIS Foundation

• Breast Cancer Retreats

- Provide retreat accommodation to as many people experiencing breast cancer, so that they may temporarily escape the psychological and emotional challenges that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis.


• Production of Resource document for Australians newly diagnosed with advanced melanoma

- Assists patients and their families to better understand their diagnosis of Stage III or IV Melanoma (referred to above as advanced melanoma). The resource will provide critical, evidence-based, high quality information that will help them cope as well as possible after receiving a difficult diagnosis.

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia (NORO)

• Music Therapy

- Engaging patients in music based experiences to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication and promote physical rehabilitation.


Bankstown Cancer Centre

• 3 Projects

- Creating Wellbeing Environments – Artwork for the Cancer Centre

- Wellness Through Massage – complimentary oncology massage

- Comfort with a Cuppa – refreshments for patients and their carers

Cancer Wellness Support

• Purchase of a Lymph Scanner

- Helping with the early intervention and detection of lymphedema, The Lymph Scanner equipment will move between the Penrith and Leura Wellness Centres and will assist the staff at both facilities manage lymphedema; a chronic condition among cancer clients.

Concord Cancer Centre

• Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre Courses

- Helping cancer survivors and their carers achieve and maintain maximal physical and mental well-being, courses include Yoga, Massage Therapy, Qigong, Pilates, Music and Art Therapy, Scrap Booking, Line Dancing and a Laughter Workshop

Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

• Continuation of the Creative Legacy Program in the Palliative Care ward

- Creative Legacy is an award winning arts and health program that connects people and their families receiving palliative care with professional artists to create personalised, meaningful artworks.

• 2020 Supportive Care Programs

- Integrated oncology programs provide supportive therapies for patients who are on treatment, or who have just completed treatment. Such programs as oncology massage, acupuncture and yoga can help patients though their treatment regime by alleviating side effects and improving outcomes. All the supportive oncology programs are evidence-based for best outcome for the patient.

NICM Health Research Institute

• Supportive Care Program

- Massage, Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Yoga for People with Cancer from Lower Socio-Economic Backgrounds

Our House

• Refurbishing the lounges at the Our House accommodation which accommodates over 1,000 people a year.

Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick

• Reproductive Survivorship Care for AYA and Adult Cancer

- To address the need for psychological support for cancer patients regarding reproductive concerns, a nurse-led reproductive survivorship cancer service will be made available for patients attending the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital.

Royal North Shore Hospital

• NSCC Day Treatment

- Purchase of new chemotherapy treatment chairs for the Chemotherapy Day Treatment Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Shoalhaven Cancer Centre

• Tumour Specific Patient Education Booklets

- A new tool for patient education, bound and with tab referencing so that sections are easily identifiable.

- Designed to ease anxiety and improve education by providing a thorough take home resource, locally developed and referenced and specifically related to the relevant tumour.

Sutherland Hospital

• Equipment to distract patients during treatment

- 10 x iPads/tablets, Wi-Fi, games, kindles, colouring activities to suit all ages

Westmead Hospital

• Facility refurbishments and hospital equipment

- Provide Niki t34 Pumps and portable oxygen concentrators for cancer patients so that they can visit their families and friends at home while undergoing treatment, Apple music subscription for patients and artworks and floral arrangements improvements in the waiting areas.


Flinders Foundation  

• Arts in Health at the Flinders Cancer Wellness Centre

- Expanding the therapy-based and therapeutic arts in health cancer wellness program within the Flinders Cancer Wellness Centre to include music and dance therapy, as well as continuing with art therapy sessions in 2021.

Kyabram District Health

• Exercise Physiology for People Living with Cancer

- Physical activity and exercise have a positive role in reducing cancer risk, decreasing treatment side effects, improving recovery after diagnosis and enhancing survival. This funding will help provide an exercise physiologist to run the program.

Northern Health

• Equipment upgrades for Cancers Services at Northern Health

- Replacement of chemotherapy chairs in the cancer centre. These chairs provide state of the art comfort and will recline into resus mode when needed.

The Alfred, Melbourne

• Patient accommodation for Rural and Regional

- Continued funding for patient accommodation, providing ‘hotel-style’ accommodation for rural and regional patients on 7East Ward. This relieves financial strain on patients and their families.

Western Health

• BreastWest: providing best care for women with breast cancer

- Care Packs for every person undergoing treatment for breast cancer at Western Health. Each personal care pack includes a number of items that have been selected in response to the kinds of things that patients have found useful in their day to day life whilst undergoing treatment


• Education and Career Support Program in Victoria and Tasmania

- Canteen’s Education and Career Support Program (ECS) supports young people (YP) who have had a life altering diagnosis of cancer return to study or work, following their treatment. Canteen's ECS team help YP recognise their strengths and provides guidance to them on training, education and career opportunities that will support them to meet their goals.


Mater Cancer Care Centre, Brisbane

• Mindful wellbeing through cancer treatment and beyond

- 3 x 8-week mindfulness sessions per year for cancer patients at Mater Cancer Care Centre to improve wellbeing for people affected by cancer.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

• Paxman Scalp Cooling Machine

- Purchase a Paxman Scalp Cooling System for the Oncology Department at Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) for the prevention of hair loss for patients undergoing chemotherapy


Lyell McEwin Hospital

• Improving comfort and quality of care for chemotherapy patients in Northern Adelaide

- Replacement of chemotherapy chairs within the cancer centre. This will ensure that patients are able to continue receiving the very best quality of care.



• Education and Career Support Program in Victoria and Tasmania

- Canteen’s Education and Career Support Program (ECS) supports young people (YP) who have had a life altering diagnosis of cancer return to study or work, following their treatment. Canteen's ECS team help YP recognise their strengths and provides guidance to them on training, education and career opportunities that will support them to meet their goals.

Pictured: NORO Music Therapist, Oliver O'Reilly 

Dry July Foundation Grant funding supports Northern Health purchase important comfort items for patients

Thanks to funds raised by Dry July 2019, Northern Health has been able to purchase their first Scalp Cooling Machine for Northern Health’s Craigieburn Centre – Day Oncology Unit.

The scalp cooling cap reduces the risk of hair loss during chemotherapy. By decreasing the scalp temperature and blood flow to hair follicles, the cooling caps alleviate the damage of chemotherapy.

They were also thrilled to have received funding for a Blanket Warmer to help patients feel warm and comfortable during their treatments. Kerry visits the centre fortnightly for treatment and reaches out for a warm blanket. “A warm blanket is comforting and helps with the aches and pains. When the blanket goes cold, there is always another warm one in the blanket warmer machine,” she said.

Dry July Foundation Grant funding supports Cancer Council NSW Transport 2 Treatment service

A grant made by Dry July Foundation is making a difference to people affected by cancer in Northern New South Wales. 

Warren Britten, Volunteer Transport Coordinator, said: ‘Thanks to the Dry July campaign and the invaluable donation of a new car to be used in both the Ballina and Byron Bay Shires. In the first five weeks of operation, the car has already travelled just under 5,000 kms! We have a dozen or so dedicated volunteer drivers who give up much of their free time to enable this service to operate five days a week. Without the volunteers and continued support and sponsorship of Dry July Foundation none of this would have been possible. Many thanks to the supporters of the Dry July campaign from all of us to all of you.

Donna Barnes, from St Vincent’s Oncology Unit, stated, on behalf of Harry and Irene Weller (who have used the service): ‘Thank you again and the Wellers wanted to express their appreciation for the wonderful service. They were very impressed! They even got to come up in a brand-new car! So, thank you.’

Finally, Bronwyn Sevenoaks, a patient, also commented: ‘The service has been wonderful, thank you for giving me great volunteer drivers, they have been amazing’.

“The Thing About Cancer” podcast series was funded by a grant from Dry July Foundation in 2018

By taking part in Dry July, you help people like Esther. Esther is one of seven people in Australian history to develop a tumour from a molar pregnancy. It happened in 2015, and was an extremely difficult time for her as she had just lost her father as well as her baby. She is incredibly supportive of Cancer Council NSW’s “The Thing About Cancer” podcast series as they provided her with the support she needed to cope and communicate her situation to her loved ones.

Esther's story

“In 2015, I had a molar pregnancy that turned into tumour. I think there’s only 7 other people who have had this in Australia.  

Around the time of diagnosis, I had just lost my dad and now obviously, the baby. The hormones I had at the time meant the feelings were magnified by about 500%. I had to put my chemo off to speak at my fathers funeral. Everything was blended together, so I’m not sure it was just the tumor making me feel this way. 

One thing I wished I did earlier was listen to “The Thing About Cancer” podcast, which was produced by Cancer Council NSW and funded by Dry July. I also wish I’d made my family and friends listen to the podcast on speaking to a family member about their cancer. It would’ve made it a lot easier for me to manage those relationships during treatment. I always recommend people listen to that podcast series. I’ve been speaking to a lot of people recently at my daughter’s new school, and have found so many people find it hard to speak to someone going through treatment. The podcasts were my friend during that time and gave me someone or something to listen to.  

The podcasts were so great because you could just listen to them and do other things at the same time. I had my husband listen them and the man’s voice in the ‘sex’ episode really helped us reconnect on that level, and understand each other’s position. I connected with them as they provided the information that I needed to hear. I wasn’t alone and my feelings weren’t unusual. I was crying and laughing, and you can’t do that while reading. The podcast medium is great for this information as it caters for that time restriction and lack of energy which is so common with people going through cancer treatment. 

If I were to give advice to someone going through my situation, I would honestly say, listen to the podcasts by Cancer Council. They make everything better, you can dish them out to the people around you that need to hear it. It’s so nice, to have someone finally say that this is usual and this is normal. It gave me an avenue to communicate what I felt without actually having to say it, or offending those I love the most.  

Recently, my partner and I were finally given permission to try for more babies. So we’re very excited, it’s been a long time coming.” 

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