Dry July Foundation Grant funding supports Cancer Council NSW Transport 2 Treatment service

A grant made by Dry July Foundation is making a difference to people affected by cancer in Northern New South Wales. 

Warren Britten, Volunteer Transport Coordinator, said: ‘Thanks to the Dry July campaign and the invaluable donation of a new car to be used in both the Ballina and Byron Bay Shires. In the first five weeks of operation, the car has already travelled just under 5,000 kms! We have a dozen or so dedicated volunteer drivers who give up much of their free time to enable this service to operate five days a week. Without the volunteers and continued support and sponsorship of Dry July Foundation none of this would have been possible. Many thanks to the supporters of the Dry July campaign from all of us to all of you.

Donna Barnes, from St Vincent’s Oncology Unit, stated, on behalf of Harry and Irene Weller (who have used the service): ‘Thank you again and the Wellers wanted to express their appreciation for the wonderful service. They were very impressed! They even got to come up in a brand-new car! So, thank you.’

Finally, Bronwyn Sevenoaks, a patient, also commented: ‘The service has been wonderful, thank you for giving me great volunteer drivers, they have been amazing’.

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