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Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

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We need your support to help us make cancer patients and families in the Liverpool region more comfortable, by raising funds for:
- Wellness programs
- Outdoor furnishings
- Provision of additional transport services for cancer patients
- Purchase of paintings, murals or light boards to be located on the ceiling of the radiotherapy treatment machines
- Improving accommodation conditions for outpatient cancer patients and carers of cancer inpatients

Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre supports the Liverpool, Fairfield and Bankstown local government areas. A range of services are provided for approximately 3,100 new adult cancer patients per year. LCTC is a comprehensive adult cancer centre. The full range of cancer services provided include radiation oncology, medical oncology haematology, gynaecological oncology, cancer genetics, head and neck surgery, breast surgery, neurological surgery, palliative care and allied health.

Latest Updates

Wellness Centre programs continue at Liverpool Hospital

Funding from Dry July continues to support the Wellness Centre at Liverpool Hospital, directly the Wellness Manager role and the 'Pamper Project'. 

Programs offered at the centre include Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, acupuncture, cooking, gardening, zumba, and exercise physiology.

Greg Webb, the Wellness Manager, received the Cancer Services Directors Award for South Western Sydney Local Health District in 2017.

This award celebrates individuals and teams for their collaborative efforts in raising the standard and profile of SWSLHD Cancer services. It recognises excellence in community engagement and highlights initiatives and programs that improve outcomes or experiences for patients, families and the community.

There is a groundswell of interest in the benefits of supportive health to Cancer treatment, and in keeping with this emerging evidence, Greg has developed new partnerships to deliver supportive therapies and programs for patients and their carers’. By reaching out to external providers, multiple new programs have commenced and new referral pathways developed to assist patients in accessing our service, and achieving and maintaining their best health.

Congratulations to Greg and the team for the work on these wonderful programs.

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Dry July funded curtain in radiography ward - A patient's feedback

Some feedback from Mr Saxby was that he was really impressed with the curtains and thought the idea was great, he said it was a nice distraction when you are waiting in the Radbay and liked that it brought some colour there too.

Another patient also voiced her delight last Friday as she had recently been to a wedding where one of the photos was actually taken so it was nice that she was able to smile as it made her think of a happy memory. We also had a patient and her mother today comment how nice it was to see the lovely landscapes.

So far it seems these were a really good purchase!

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Reflected legacy at Liverpool Hospital - funded by Dry July

Reflected legacy is a groundbreaking arts and health program at Liverpool Hospital. Led by visual artist Flutter Lyon, this project compliments the holistic care of cancer patients in palliative care, while enhancing and changing the physical environment for patients, families and staff on the ward.

Why the program exists


When we tell our stories, it gives us a way of sharing and reflecting upon the life we are living, free expression and story telling offers a deepened sense of connection to the value and meaning of our individual and shared life experiences.

It can bring comfort, celebration and beauty during challenging time in our lives, encouraging the recall of memories and key points in our life that we have felt free, joyous, loving and love, strong and hopeful. By remembering what we have done and seeing the powerful nature of our human experience, it can help empower us to find the strength and bravery we might desire now.

What the Program Does

This powerful experience, when taken into the palliative care space, provides tangible outcomes

- patients report improvements to their mood, pain management, appetite and sleep patterns;

- families report feeling uplifted and more connected; and

- staff report new insights into patient care and a greater sense of care, support and resilience within the ward environment 

Who the Project is For

Patients and loved ones engaged in the Palliative Care services at Liverpool Hospital.

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Wal's story

My name is Wal, I am one of those people who never gets sick. So you can imagine how daunting it was to be told I had cancer of the larynx at age 67 in what should be my last working year. After initial biopsy which confirmed the cancer, I was referred to The cancer therapy centre at Liverpool Public Hospital which I am told has one of only four machines in NSW to treat my particular cancer.

On my first visit, I was welcomed by what I can only call the most professional team of doctors, nurses, radiotherapy staff, receptionists and volunteers who took the time to explain everything to me in detail. What my cancer was, how it would be treated, the length of treatment and the expected outcome. I will attend the Centre 5 days a week for six weeks, these wonderful people are still as professional as they were on day one. Their dedication is simply never ending for all those who attend the Centre.

In the reception area is a library, which has a great range of books, in a variety of languages, so while waiting it helps to take your mind off the treatment and relax for a while not just for yourself but for your family and carers as well. Thank you Dry July this is a great idea.

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Palliative Care at Liverpool Hospital

The palliative care team at Liverpool Hospital are planning to use fundraising from Dry July 2016 towards a double bed to enable loved ones to stay overnight, and wall mounted time and date clocks that are legible for patients.