Living Wall Art at Liverpool Cancer Treatment Centre

Dry July has provided funding to install light boxes that project scenic images whilst patients are receiving treatment. The patients lay in the “linacs” for up to 20 minutes daily over approximately 6 weeks. The scenic images gives the patient a nice environment to relax and view rather than feeling anxious with nothing to distract them from their treatment. Currently patients look at the white roof.

One patient said, "it’s beautiful, very colourful and fun. Where I was being treated, having these on the ceiling is great and a distraction". Other patients said it brightens up the hallway. The overall feedback from patients and their families/carers has been very positive. Many patients have mentioned how they enjoy seeing the large colourful light boxes and have mentioned that they find it very nice and comforting to have the colourful distraction during treatment. 

Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

$58,580.81 raised