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We need your support to help us make cancer patients and families in the Liverpool region more comfortable, by raising funds for: - Wellness programs - Outdoor furnishings - Provision of additional transport services for cancer patients - Purchase of paintings, murals or light boards to be located on the ceiling of the radiotherapy treatment machines - Improving accommodation conditions for outpatient cancer patients and carers of cancer inpatients Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre supports the Liverpool, Fairfield and Bankstown local government areas. A range of services are provided for approximately 3,100 new adult cancer patients per year. LCTC is a comprehensive adult cancer centre. The full range of cancer services provided include radiation oncology, medical oncology haematology, gynaecological oncology, cancer genetics, head and neck surgery, breast surgery, neurological surgery, palliative care and allied health.

Latest Updates

Liverpool Hospital's Cancer Services continue Integrated Oncology Support Programs thanks to Dry July

An astounding $30,488 has been raised for Cancer Services at The ACRF OASIS Centre. 

Complementary integrative therapies play an integral part in the patient’s treatment plan. Integrated oncology programs provide supportive therapies for patients who are on treatment, or who have just completed treatment. Such programs as oncology massage, acupuncture, and yoga can help patients through their treatment regime by alleviating side effects and improving outcomes.

Liverpool Hospital receives additional grant from Dry July Foundation

We're pleased to announce that Liverpool Hospital has received an additional grant from the Dry July Foundation October grant round.

This grant will enable funding for:

• Continuation of the Creative Legacy Program in the Palliative Care ward: an award winning arts and health program that connects people and their families receiving palliative care with professional artists to create personalised, meaningful artworks.

• 2019 Survivorship Programs

Free to Air TV's for the Palliative Care Ward at Liverpool Hospital

Thanks to funds raised through Dry July 2019, Liverpool Hospital will be able to purchase and install 20 Free to Air TV's for the Palliative Care Ward.

Providing free TV and entertainment to patients that are in hospital for long periods of time will assist distracting patients from their illness. Patients that stay for long periods of time on the ward can be financially impacted, with loved ones spending the last days, weeks or months with palliative patients, also not working have not been able to afford the high cost of pay TV. This will relieve the financial impact.

Currently, patients in palliative care have to pay a daily rate for access to free-to-air TV.

Wellness Centre at Liverpool Hospital benefits from Dry July 2019 funding

Funding from Dry July Foundation in 2019 continues to support the Wellness Centre at Liverpool Hospital. 

The Wellness Centre Program aims to provide a supportive environment to empower cancer patients and their carers to maximise their wellness potential based on their individual capacity and their needs. They are designed to assist patients in achieving their best treatment outcome and to assist in their return to community based programs and primary care. These programs provide support, education and therapies to assist mind, body & soul.

The Wellness Centre aims to provide an informal and comfortable area for Cancer patients and their carers to access within Liverpool Hospital. Numerous support services can be accessed within the Wellness Centre. The Wellness Centre also serves as a drop in facility where patients can come and have a cup of tea, read one of our many books in the library, watch television or a DVD, or just sit back and relax in a calm and tranquil setting.

Wellness Programs offered at the centre include Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, acupuncture, cooking, gardening, zumba, and exercise physiology. 

Creative Legacy Program features on TODAY!

Creative Legacy, the award winning arts and health project with Liverpool Hospitals’ Palliative Care service, continues to both evolve and delight. Thanks to grant funding from the 2018 Dry July Foundation, this year the program has trained 12 local professional artists in palliative care in the practice of legacy making with patients and families in palliative care. The program offers connection and joy through conversation and art making. The program was recently featured on channel 9's TODAY show and you can view here. 

This year saw 5 new artists on the ward as well as several returning artists from the previously funded 'Reflected Legacy' project. New artists on the ward this year needed to be local and to be able to adapt their own arts practice to the legacy making. The magic of this program, and it does feel like some kind of magic*, is when the legacy artists, nurses, doctors, allied staff, cleaners etc, work together with a patient and family, to provide the wholistic care that can be so meaningful and timely and full of human warmth.

You can read a full article introducing you to some of the new artists and the families that they have supported HERE.