Thanks to Dry July fundraising Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre can create a more comfortable environment for cancer patients

 Your fundraising for Dry July has enabled Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre to support Integrated Wellness Manager, Massage Therapy, Newspaper subscriptions, aromatherapy and fans.

The Integrated Oncology Programs Manager oversees the programs that play an integral part in the patients treatment plan by providing supportive therapies that alleviate side effects and improve patient outcomes.

Palliative Care will be providing massage therapy to improve the patient comfort while bringing peace, comfort and compassion to the patients while the Aromatherapy will assist with mood, anxiety, sleep, nausea and pain that cancer patients feel.

Hand held fans in another complementary therapy that helps the palliative patients with breathlessness that research has identified a cool draft of air from hand-held fans can be very effective.

Palliative patients do have long stays as an inpatient, by providing the patients with newspapers daily reduces boredom while keeping their minds distracted from pain, anxiety and depression.

Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

$47,063.71 raised