Dry July Sodastream Survival Kit

Dj16 Sodatsream 300x300

Dry July and the worlds #1 sparkling water brand, Sodastream, are helping Australians dive head on into July with a survival kit set to make sober exciting!

Ultra-convenient and a stylish accessory to any kitchen, Sodastream Sparkling Water Makers are a great way for the whole family to enjoy Sparkling Water all year long. So it’s only fitting that Dry July-ers can use their Sodastream to replace an alcoholic drink with a fun, sparkling one.

Sodastream have also developed mocktail recipes exclusively for Dry July, so participants can always have a glass of something sparkling and exciting in their hand.

Sodastream Dry July Survival Kit includes everything you need to get started, including:

  • A Sodastream Play Sparkling Water Maker
    • includes a CO2 cylinder
  • Two BPA-free carbonating bottles
  • A mocktail recipe book
  • A Sodastream bottle cooler

Plus, 25% of proceeds go towards the Dry July Foundation, so your purchase will help make people affected by cancer more comfortable during a difficult time.