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The Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) Wellness Centre is a welcoming space that provides an environment where cancer patients and their families can feel comfortable, safe and protected.

The Wellness Centre is professionally run and supports the holistic need of the patient, survivors and their families. The social, environmental, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of each individual is nurtured by the BRICC Wellness Team at a time when life presents uncertainty and fear.

BRICC Wellness Centre provides numerous programs to mentally and physically enable patients to continue on their journey offering; massage, relaxation, mindfulness, shiatsu therapy, bra and breast form fittings, financial advice, support groups, yoga, meditation, art, music and the Delta Dog program. The space itself is calm, nurturing and offers comfortable seating, a warm space, refreshments and fresh fruit for all of it’s visitors from Ballarat and the wider region.

The BRICC Wellness Centre has become an important part of patients experience while receiving treatment, the Wellness Centre is 100% supported by community fundraising, allowing the programs to be on offer to those that need these complimentary services.

Latest Updates

Cancer Wellness Coordinator says Thank You!

Cancer Wellness Coordinator, Simone, shares a message of thanks to the people raising funds for the continuation of programs at BRICC wellness centre. To view her message click HERE. 

BRICC welcomes Michael as a Dry July Ambassador

We welcome Michael as one of our Ambassadors for this year’s Ballarat Health Services Foundation Dry July campaign. Michael can’t speak highly enough of the BRICC Wellness Centre and the numerous services that are offered to people along their cancer treatment journey. Mike’s journey commenced in Melbourne, later being transferred to utilise the services of Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC). Not only does Michael praise the work of the Wellness Centre, but also the helpful people he has met along the way, providing relevant information and tips that were of great benefit to him. Mike is now able to share his knowledge and first-hand experience with fellow patients when he meets them in the Wellness Centre or comes across them when he volunteers as a Patient Transport driver.

Mike’s bowel cancer was detected after he completed a home bowel cancer test kit. There has been numerous surgeries and treatments along the way and Mike attributes a level of comfort throughout this time to the fabulous services and offerings from BRICC and the Wellness Centre. Mike understands the importance of the great relationship between the patient and the Wellness Centre- the initial tour of world class facilities, the ability to access medical professionals, psychology services and other BHS staff and the many beneficial services offered in the Centre.

Mike still visits the Wellness Centre as a volunteer (often just to have a scone on a Tuesday) but is happy to help the Centre in any way possible, due to the fact that he has so much appreciation for the facility.

“The Wellness Centre is a place of solace. Even when I am volunteer driving and I have time, I enjoy going there to read quietly in a safe place, a space where I have done a large amount of soul searching. Now being a volunteer, it allows the opportunity to give something back to the community”. Mike adds “Having cancer puts life into perspective and I have been able to attribute much of my calmness to the Wellness Centre”.

We are appreciative of having Mike on board as one of our Ambassadors this year. It is so great that in turn Mike is happy to play a part in the campaign and help raise money so that the Wellness Centre can continue to offer services to patients during an extremely difficult time.

BRICC is using Dry July funds for their Wellness Centre, helping to support people like Helen.

Helen was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015, undergoing chemotherapy in 2016 at Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC). At a later stage, Helen became a volunteer with Ballarat Health Services in BRICC. Helen has just commenced chemotherapy again in 2020 after a return of her cancer and is back utilising the services of the centre. She is extremely enthusiastic about her commitment to be an Ambassador and to help raise funds for the BRICC Wellness Centre.

Helen believes the Wellness Centre is like a second home for patients, a welcoming place that provides comfort for people. This is the reason Helen volunteered at the Wellness Centre, she wants others to be able to access the services that she found extremely beneficial along the way and acknowledges the importance of volunteers with BRICC.

“The Wellness Centre gives you a safe place, you know the people there and you can comfortably talk to others around you as they understand your journey”.

“If patients want to access the brilliant services offered they can do so, not everybody wishes to but for those that require it, it is there as a brilliant option”.

Helen is always encouraging other patients to access the Wellness Centre services, feeling extremely grateful for the medical treatment received from BRICC. Helen believes it is second to none and the other beneficial aspect is the offer of services from the Wellness Centre. Helen has accessed many of the services offered by the Wellness Centre and sang the praises of the massage and “Cancer Chicks Chats” and the importance of their impact on her journey.

We thank Helen for coming on board and for sharing her story with others, to help raise vital funds for the BRICC Wellness Centre.

BRICC Wellness Centre benefits from 2019 Dry July funds!

The funds raised for BRICC Wellness Centre from last year’s Dry July campaign helped support the services on offer which are complimentary for patients of the facility and their families.

The patients utilised a range of services featured, all helping them throughout their journey, providing advice, guidance, support and a range of other services. Whether it was yoga, relaxation, mindfulness, bra and breast form fittings, art therapy, financial advice, all of these programs are of great benefit to BRICC patients.

Along with funding a range of offerings the Dry July campaign proudly supported the oncology massage program, which delivered nearly 1000 massages last year to cancer patients within the Ballarat and Grampians region. 

Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre receives additional grant from Dry July Foundation

We're pleased to announce that Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre has received an additional grant from the Dry July Foundation October grant round.

This grant will enable BRICC to build an outdoor, covered BBQ area for existing cancer accommodation.

Having an undercover area will enable patients to enjoy the garden area, without unnecessary sun exposure.

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