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The Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) Wellness Centre is a welcoming space providing an environment where cancer patients and their families, can feel comfortable, safe and protected. The Wellness Centre is 100% supported by community fundraising, funds raised through Dry July go directly to assist the numerous programs BRICC provides to mentally and physically support patients. Offering massage, relaxation, mindfulness, shiatsu therapy, bra and breast form fittings, financial advice, support groups, yoga, meditation, art, music and the Delta Dog program. The Wellness Centre has become an important part of patients experience while receiving treatment, all programs are at no cost to users.

The social, environmental, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of each individual is nurtured by the BRICC Wellness Team at a time when life presents uncertainty and fear. to all cancer patients from Ballarat and the wider Grampians region.

With your support for 2022 we hope to raise funds to keep providing the incredible services listed above, this would not be possible without your generous assistance.

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With your help, we raised an astounding $34,986 for Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre

Thanks to your fundraising, you’ve helped support the world class Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre provide cancer care, treatment and research across the Grampians Region!

Funds raised through Dry July will ensure the ongoing provision of support and services offered by our Wellness Centre. Your efforts have also helped us secure a grant which will go towards the purchase an ultrasound vascular access device.

The Wellness Centre encourages all people with cancer to take an active role in their health and wellbeing. A number of educational programs, support groups and one-on-one sessions are offered. It is also a place to rest and be supported, distinct from the more clinical hospital-treatment rooms. With a home-like setting, the space offers comfortable seating, a warm space, refreshments, access to computers, a television, massage chair, library and so much more. The Wellness Centre Manager and a number of volunteer staff are always available to provide additional support and guidance as required. The additional grant funding will be used, with other community fundraising donations, to help us purchase an ultrasound vascular access device. Use of these devices can significantly reduce vascular trauma in cancer patients, leading to less nursing time spent trying to gain vascular access, reduced delays in therapy related to loss of vascular access, shorter hospital stays, fewer emergency room visits and decreased infusion therapy costs.

On behalf of Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC), we would like to thank you for your support and contribution to making a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer

Matching Weekend - Thank You!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and supported our BRICC Wellness Centre our Dry July campaign!

Our Matched Giving Weekend raised an incredible $6942! We have now sailed past our goal of $34,500 with a total of $37,170!!

Simone Noelker, the Wellness Centre manager says "A big thank you to everyone who supported the Dry July campaign for the BRICC Wellness Centre especially the DRY July heroes who took the challenge to give up alcohol for the month – an amazing fundraising effort! Our work is made possible by your generous support as the money raised ensures that we can continue to offer the best supportive care programs to people living with cancer."

We hope that all participants feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a dry month, and very proud of their efforts to support our Wellness Centre.

If you have promised to donate to a friend, family member or colleague, or would just like to donate to support our Wellness Centre – it’s not too late. Please click the yellow button to donate now.

Dollar Matching Weekend!

From Friday 29th July to Sunday 31st July every donation that helps BRICC Wellness Centre reach its target of $34,500 will be matched through a generous grant.

That's right! We know that every dollar counts now more than ever, so as a big thank you for your generous ongoing support this weekend only your dollar will count double.

If you have been meaning to donate this Dry July now is the time to do it. Every little bit helps. We'd also like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us come this far!

Meet Kelli, BRICC'S Dry July 2022 Ambassador

In February 2012, Kelli Aggett finished breastfeeding her 3rd child, Poppi, who was 4 months old. A month later she noticed her left breast was not ‘right’– it was sore, red and swollen. Although her GP thought it was recurring mastitis, they sent her for a mammogram and biopsy. These indicated it was a rare inflammatory metastatic breast cancer.

Without a family history of breast cancer and with three kids under 4 years old, the then 38-year-old was very shocked with this news. The next couple of weeks were filled with appointments after appointments. The Wellness Centre at the Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) became a place for Kelli and her family to turn to for support and information, through a range of one-on-one meetings and group sessions.

Kelli said the ‘Look good, feel good’ program was invaluable and enabled her to meet others in similar situations. The BRICC Wellness Centre also offered her a comfortable place to sit and wait for appointments, enjoy a relaxing massage, have a cuppa and speak with volunteers and people going through their own cancer journeys.

In June 2012, Kelli had a mastectomy. This was a difficult time, both emotionally and physically, and was made more challenging by five months of chemotherapy. Following the chemotherapy, Kelli and her husband Luke went on a much deserved, relaxing holiday to Perth. On their return, Kelli returned to work from what was originally her maternity leave.

In February 2013, Kelli began radiotherapy — every day for five weeks — all whilst working, being a mum to three kids and the daily chores. While this period in her life was very draining and tiring, she was grateful for the wonderful support network of family and close friends and the opportunity to use the Wellness Centre.

Through 2013 – 2016, Kelli continued on with life and an ongoing treatment called Herceptin. In May 2014, Kelli underwent major surgery in Melbourne to have a Breast Reconstruction.

In August 2016, her body was telling her that something was just not right. Kelli was getting excruciating pain in her pelvis and upper legs. Following some tests and a scan, she was diagnosed with an unrelated ovarian cancer, which was another devastating blow for Kelli and her family.

Kelli booked in to see a gynaecologist and within the next week had a full hysterectomy. The cancer was in her right ovary and had spread through her tubes.

After this surgery Kelli then had to begin another form of treatment, Perjeta and is still receiving the two lots of treatments every three weeks.

Since her initial diagnosis in 2012, Kelli has received all her treatment and radiation at BRICC.

It’s been a long process and at times Kelli felt like giving up. But she would look at her three beautiful children and could never give up on them. They are her rocks and the people who give her strength to fight on.

Kelli would like to thank The BRICC Wellness Centre for being a huge source of support for her and her family through this journey.

Please support the BRICC wellness centre Dry July campaign.

Cheryle's Story

At Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) we are very proud to welcome Cheryle Allan as our Ambassador for the BRICC Wellness Centre 2022 Dry July Campaign.

Early in 2018 Cheryle dismissed not feeling 100%, “having a lot on at the time” - renovating a house and helping her daughter care for her children. It was not until months later in the shower, feeling much better “fit and healthy” she felt some pressure under her arm “almost like a pimple” and didn’t think much of it. The following day presented the same issue and she decided to go see her GP, who sent Cheryle straight off for a mammogram.

At the end of the day she got a call with the news that she had stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. Cheryle has no history of breast cancer in her family.

She kept the diagnosis to herself for some time, coming to terms with the news. When she eventually shared with family and friends, they were devastated.

Treatment started straight away, initially Cheryle underwent two types of chemotherapy, followed by a third type of chemo which went on for 9 months. She then had a lumpectomy (which was not effective) and finally, a double mastectomy.

This was followed by solid radiation, every weekday for 6 weeks. For 8 months Cheryle took chemotherapy tablets, which caused many side effects.

Throughout her treatment, the Wellness Centre in BRICC made a huge impact on Cheryle’s journey. The Wellness Centre was a place where Cheryle could stay positive no matter how she was feeling. She could walk in, and every time there would be somebody to talk to with a welcoming smile. The Wellness Centre educated Cheryle through a range of channels, self – care, spiritually and massage therapy. Offering support for the whole person, not only their illness.

After 8 months on chemotherapy tablets she was able to have 2 months off all treatment. During this time Cheryle had a feeling something was not quite right. After a second cancer diagnosis she was put onto 2 years of immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

After 9 months she discovered that every tumour had completely disappeared and there were no live cancer cells in her body.

Today Cheryle is still yet to finish the 2 years of immunotherapy until she’s finished treatment altogether.

 “The girls from the Wellness Centre are invaluable keeping you positive and boosting your spirits. The programs they offer such as the massage therapy and Rieke are invigorating”.

 “The Wellness Centre makes it is easy to stay positive”.

By supporting Dry July and selecting Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre as a beneficiary, you are helping people like Cheryle access the support given by the Wellness Centre.

The Wellness Centre programs are provided at no cost to the patient, all 100% funded by members community like you.