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The Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) Wellness Centre is a welcoming space that provides an environment where cancer patients and their families can feel comfortable, safe and protected. The Wellness Centre is professionally run and supports the holistic need of the patient, survivors and their families. The social, environmental, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of each individual is nurtured by the BRICC Wellness Team at a time when life presents uncertainty and fear. BRICC Wellness Centre provides numerous programs to mentally and physically enable patients to continue on their journey offering; massage, relaxation, mindfulness, shiatsu therapy, bra and breast form fittings, financial advice, support groups, yoga, meditation, art, music and the Delta Dog program. The space itself is calm, nurturing and offers comfortable seating, a warm space, refreshments and fresh fruit for all of it’s visitors from Ballarat and the wider region. The BRICC Wellness Centre has become an important part of patients experience while receiving treatment, the Wellness Centre is 100% supported by community fundraising, allowing the programs to be on offer to those that need these complimentary services.

Latest Updates

New TV for the Day Unit

The Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre Chemotherapy Day Unit has a new TV for patients to watch whilst they undergo their treatment.

The TV was purchased and installed with funds raised received through the Dry July Foundation grant program.

Other projects funded through the grant program for BRICC included:

- Purchase of a food trolley
- Purchase and installation of artificial plants to freshen up the wellness unit
- Purchase a fish tank stand for the radiation oncology waiting area
- Implementation of various refurbishments in the waiting area
- Display of a Christmas tree over the holiday period
- Purchase of a BBQ for guests utilising the accommodation units

BRICC wellness centre programs continue

Dry July funds will continue to go towards expanded therapy programs for the benefit of cancer patients undergoing treatment at Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre.

The Wellness Centre aims is to provide a holistic service to the whole of the Grampians region that is professionally led and supports people with cancer to take an active role in their health and wellbeing.

Quality information regarding approved complementary therapies is available in order to assist patients to make informed choices and provide a programme of approved therapies including art therapy, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, and pet therapy. Dry July funds assisted with fitting out the wellness centre when the BRICC opened, and since then have supported the centre’s complementary therapy offerings.

Remote Patient Video Conferencing

Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) is using funds from Dry July to install a video conferencing system that will enable clinical staff to hold consultations with patients who would otherwise need to travel long distances. In remote and regional areas, for example, patients sometimes travel in excess of 200kms round-trip to attend a 15 minute appointment; this system would save them some of that travel time and associated stress.

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