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Dry July Step 2 - Megaphone

Ask family, friends and workmates to donate to you

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Go alcohol-free in July

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Help people affected by cancer.

Practical support for mums with cancer.

Mummy’s Wish Support Coordinators develop trusted relationships with every mum during her treatment period. Practical support is tailored in 4 key areas, taking into consideration Mum’s diagnosis, her existing support network and the age of her children.

Our purpose is to provide support to Mums receiving treatment for cancer, with children under 13.

Our vision is to provide tailored practical support to the 5000 mums who are diagnosed with cancer in Australia each year. Mummy’s Wish needs your help to support more mums. We currently support up to 1000 mums a year, which means 4000 mums every year still need our help.

We are unique amongst cancer organisations in that we provide support to mums regardless of cancer type or location.

Benefits of Dry July

Dry July Benefit - Clear your head

Clear your head

Dry July Benefit - More energy

More energy

Dry July Benefit - Sleep Better

Sleep better

Dry July Benefit - Weight loss

Weight loss

Dry July Benefit - Helthier skin

Healthier skin

Dry July Benefit - Sense of achievement

Sense of achievement

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There is no minimum fundraising amount or cost to sign up to Dry July! It's 100% free!

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Golden tickets

Have a special occasion in July? You can always buy a Golden Ticket for a night off the challenge.

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Our Comfort Bears

By signing up and supporting Mummy's Wish this Dry July, you'll help distribute more Comfort Bears.

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Important Note

Dry July is a fundraising campaign aimed at challenging social drinkers to change their habits for a month and make some healthy lifestyle changes. We would encourage people to drink responsibly and stick to the recommended daily guidelines for the rest of the year. We advise heavy drinkers or people dependent on alcohol to speak with their GP before signing up to Dry July.