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Mummy's Wish provides practical, immediate and non-means tested support to Mums fighting any type of cancer throughout Australia, with children 12 years and under.

Our Support Coordinators work with every mum to tailor a support package that offers the best practical support, taking into consideration the Mum’s diagnosis, her existing support network, the age of her children and most importantly ensuring she feels comfortable and the support meets her and her family's needs.

Mummy's Wish supports mums with cancer and their families through:

· Personal Support and case management from a qualified Mummy’s Wish Support Coordinator throughout mum's treatment journey. Our support coordinators are qualified health professionals.

· Care packages that include a voice recordable Comfort Bears for each child, therapeutic books that help parents communicate to their children and enable them to understand and cope with Mum’s diagnosis, and additional information and resources.

· Support packages that meet mums needs which can include house cleaning, delivery of nutritious family meals, gardening, hospital parking and fuel vouchers

· Regular ongoing support including referrals to other support agencies, connection to support groups (including the Mummy’s Wish closed Facebook support group) and counselling services.

Latest Updates

Dry July fundraising helps Mummy's Wish support Mums with cancer

Thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of Dry July 2020 participants, Mummy's Wish are planning to introduce Cancer Care Co-Ordinators and Care Packs to help Mums living with cancer. 

- Cancer Care Co-Ordinators

Around 130,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year and of these cases over 5000 will be mums with young children aged 12 years and under. That means every day 13 families in Australia will have their lives turned upside down when mum is diagnosed with cancer. A cancer diagnosis can have a significant impact on many lives and communities.

- Care Packs for 1000 Mums with cancer

Packs provide comfort and support to Mums and their families and are posted to all the mums Mummy's Wish supports and include the following:

• A voice-recordable Comfort Bear for each child 12 years and under

• Therapeutic books for each child

• "Dealing with cancer - a guide for mums" resource and information booklet

• A travel compendium and notepad (to document and store medical resources and information)

• A Mummy's Wish tote bag

The books resourced have been researched by the Support Coordinators as age-specific and appropriate to children who have a mum with cancer. There are several titles that Mummy's Wish access which include: "When someone has a very serious illness", " Hey Warrior", "The Invisible String", "Beginnings and Endings and Lifetimes in between" and "You, me and the Rainbow".

Care Package recipient shares her story

Going through cancer treatment is scary, and extremely stressful, so to have an organisation like Mummy's Wish think of me and my children, and want to help us, touched my heart more than words can say.

I received a Mummy's wish care package full of lovely items that made me smile and feel special. The most cherished item was a beautiful teddy bear that I was able to record a message with my voice for my daughter to help her when she misses me through the long hospital stays, the teddy has been really helpful.

Mummy's Wish even kindly gave us food vouchers to help ease the stress on those weeks when everyone is only just barely keeping it together and has no energy to think about preparing meals. These were a godsend because they fed us when I barely had the energy to eat, let alone make dinner for the family.

So when we were all too exhausted, it was so great being able to order some nutritional, great tasting, easy to prepare meals and that we didn't have to worry about what the financial implications would be, which was such a relief because we already were struggling a lot financially since I stopped working.

There aren't enough words for how grateful I am to Mummy’s Wish.

2019 Dry July funds helped Mummy’s Wish create 300 Care Packs!

Since 1st January 2020 Mummy's Wish has sent out 300 Care packs to mums with cancer across Australia. These Care Packs are posted to all mums registered with us to help prepare and support them and their families as mum goes through treatment for cancer.

Each Care Pack includes:

• The Mummy’s Wish voice recordable Comfort Bear provided for each child aged 12 and under in the family. Mum is able to record a message of love for her little one/s that the child can listen to and feel reassured whenever they are separated from their mum due to her treatment.

• Age appropriate therapeutic book(s) for her children that assists mums in discussing their cancer journey and associated emotions with their children. The books resourced have been researched by the Support Coordinators as age-specific and appropriate to children who have a mum with cancer. Some of the books include "When someone has a very serious illness", "Beginnings and Endings and Lifetimes in between", “What is Happening to my Mummy?” and "You, me and the Rainbow".

• The Mummy’s Wish “Dealing with Cancer: A guide for mums” provides mums with valuable information including how to cope with their diagnosis; tell their children about cancer; how to ask for help; and ways to enjoy time with their kids when they’re unwell.

• Mummy’s Wish document wallet to store important information

• Mummy’s Wish reusable printed calico tote bag.

Since 1st January 2020 to the end of April 2020 Mummy's Wish has sent out 200 Care packs to mums with cancer across Australia.

Quotes from mums this year after receiving our support:

"Thank you very much for your wonderful gifts and support at this our crucial time. I really feel that someone is here to listen and look after us"

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the package you sent to us with the teddy bears, books and all the information. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to yourself and Mummy’s Wish for your kindness, support and generosity."