Practical support for mums with cancer

A cancer diagnosis is devastating for anyone. When someone is told they have cancer, and they’re also a mum, the impact is even more profound.

For mums in this situation, often some of their first thoughts are about the practicalities – how to tell the kids, who will care for the children whilet they’re having treatment, how they’ll keep up with their usual tasks around the house, and whether they’ll see their children grow up.

This is where Mummy’s Wish comes in.

Every mum registered with Mummy’s Wish receives a Mummy’s Wish Care Pack.

A practical way to provide information and resources for the mums, the packs also include a selection of books carefully chosen to help have difficult conversations with young children about cancer.

Particularly impactful are the voice-recordable Comfort Bears. These cuddly teddies are provided for each child aged under 13 and allow the mums to record special messages for their children.

These voice recordings bring incredible comfort to children and families when mums are away from home, in hospital or need to travel for treatment, or sadly for when they want to keep their mum’s memories alive.

Mums have shared the profound effect the bears have had on their families, offering hope, and helping to talk about how cancer is affecting the family.

Mum Laura recorded a message for her daughter and sang her 2-year-old son’s favourite song.

“At the end of the message I tell him that I love him, and every time he listens to it (whether I’m there or not), he says ‘I love you Mum’ back to the bear,” she said.

Amanda’s family received their bear the day after she had cancer surgery and had fun recording special messages to each other.

“You have no idea the happiness your organisation has brought to our family during this difficult time,” she said.

Each bear costs Mummy’s Wish $70, but the impact is priceless.

Last year, Mummy’s Wish distributed almost 1,400 bears to children whose mums had been diagnosed with cancer, and with support from the community, will continue to provide this vital service.

Mums can also choose the practical help that would make the biggest difference for their family, such as vouchers for groceries, house cleaning, delivery of nutritious family meals or gardening.

With your support this Dry July, more mums can receive the practical support they need, so they can focus on their health and being with their children.

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