Get some tips this Dry July!

4 Fun Workouts If You Hate Getting Sweaty

By Zoe Meunier on

Working up a good sweat is often seen as the benchmark for having had an effective workout. But let’s be honest, not everyone likes getting hot and sweaty. It’s uncomfortable, it means you have to shower afterwards and ladies, two words: blowdry ruined. However, high intensity, sweat inducing workouts aren’t the only path to fitness and good health. Anaerobic and strength building exercises are just as important for maintaining a healthy body, managing weight, reducing injury and making you feel good. The four workouts below are so much fun you won’t even realise you’re exercising, but will see you improving your fitness and wellbeing, no sweat!

Circus school

While probably not top of mind to most people as a form of exercise, classes...

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Kickstart Yourself Back Into Movement

By Leanne Hall on

We’ve all been there. Hitting the gym regularly, eating really well and feeling fabulous. Then it happens. Maybe we over eat at a work function, or take a week off the gym because we’ve been feeling unwell. Or maybe we just feel bored with our current fitness routine. Whatever the trigger, the result is the same. Motivation takes a drastic nose-dive and we find ourselves frustrated, and perhaps even depressed at the fact that we just can’t seem to pull ourselves together and get back on track. 

So how can you get back on the health and fitness wagon? Well, here are my tips to help get 
you back to your healthy self again!

Identify Obstacles

When motivation disappears, the first question you need to ask...

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6 Food Tips to Burn Fat and Trim Down this Dry July

By Marcus Bondi on

Dry July is the perfect opportunity will create your very own healthy flat stomach! You’ll be surprised by how much you can reduce body fat by cutting out alcohol and sticking to a sensible nutrition plan.

Anyone can do it. I have trained many busy family-people to flat, strong tummy status and they range in age from 17 to over 60 and in weight from 50kg to 150kg! They all achieved a flat belly and trim waist with a simple healthy eating habit and some simple exercises. Follow this simple program to succeed!

OK, so you are healthy and everyone has abs, but no-one can actually see them if they are hidden...

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4 Yoga Poses to Combat the Munchies (and sleep better too!)

By Kirsty Welsh on

“I can’t keep my alcohol intake down… I can’t stop eating sugar… I try really hard each week, but the macaroons are staring at me like, ‘EAT ME OR ELSE!!’... I get bored... I crave energy... It was my colleague’s birthday... I had ice-cream 4 nights this week...”

This used to be me with honey. No joke, there was a phase where a 1kg jar of raw organic honey would be consumed every five days. And if you’re taking on Dry July this year and going booze-free, you’ll be facing your own sugar cravings, peer-pressure, internal conflict, the lot. I GET it, you can’t have alcohol, and sugar tastes so GOOD and we want more, consistently; it’s a feel-good quick fix.

Unfortunately, this ‘quick-fix’ is counter-productive to long-term feel-good. We...

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5 Cleansing Yoga Poses

By Claire Obeid on

There is a reason why we feel the need to clean our homes post-winter. There is alot of dampness, mould, dust and general waste that builds up when we are in a confined space taking shelter from the cold.

Our bodies do much the same. Junk builds up within us that needs some serious detoxing. We cleanse through three of the body's main systems. The circulatory system pumps blood throughout the body – taking oxygen to cells whilst carrying the waste away. The digestive system processes the food we eat – absorbing the nutrients we need and eliminating anything we don’t. And then we have the lymphatic system, which collects fluid from our cells and sends it to the lymph nodes to ditch any harmful bacteria.The ...

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TRX Suspension Trainer

By Antonio Pagano on

In today's day we spend way too much time sitting, either at work, in a car or at home on the couch. With very little time to workout to fight the effects of today's sedentary life, we need to think about the how, when and where we train?  

This is where the concept of functional training comes in, basically functional training are exercises which involve training the body for the activities performed in daily life. A key element to functional training is a strong core, and with a strong core we will develop better stability and therefore better mobility.

Among some of the tools that Keep On Track uses to train we utilise Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Trainer, Battle Ropes, Elastic Bands and body weight exercises,...

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A Beginner's Guide to Fitness

By Kirsty Welsh on

 I’ve worked in the health industry for long enough to know the biggest goal when an individual joins a gym is, ‘I want to get fit!’ 

What does this even mean?

If you want to ‘get fit’ you need to start with a good definition of what fitness means to you, otherwise where do you even begin? It can be overwhelming!

Here’s a little bit of help to get you going. Physical fitness can be defined as the ability of the body to perform with energy and alertness. (Yes please, where do I sign up!)

Fitness to me is not just physical; although we normally focus on the physical, I prefer to look at fitness as a blend of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. The beauty of physical activity is that movement allows us to think...

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