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Dry July 2016 a success

By Samii Avdic on

Over 16,700 Australians embarked on their Dry July journey in 2016, giving up alcohol for the month in order to raise funds for adults living with cancer.

So far, their combined efforts have raised $3.59 million, which will be used to ease the burden, reduce stress, and add comfort for those affected by cancer. The way Dry July achieves this is by funding support services such as hospital transport, patient accommodation, free Wi-Fi, and mobile phone chargers. The aim is to help in ways that may not be front of mind following a cancer diagnosis, and in turn hopefully reducing anxiety for patients.

Previously, services such as wellness programs, wig libraries and complementary therapies including meditation and art therapy have been funded by Dry July.

Dry July co-founder, Brett Macdonald, says Dry July has been a huge success in Australia this year: “The consistent enthusiasm from Australians taking part in Dry July is fantastic. Seeing so many go booze-free to help improve the wellbeing of people affected by cancer is incredibly gratifying.”

"In the nine Dry July campaigns to-date, more than 125,000 Dry July participants have collectively raised over $28m AUD, helping to support more than 50 different cancer support organisations across Australia and New Zealand"

Dry July has been lucky to have so many passionate ambassadors on board this year, including past ambassadors ‘Fast Ed’ Halmagyi, Luke Hines, Maz Compton, and newcomers such as Sam Wood, Jaynie Seal and Dr Cris Beer.

Incredible support has also been received from Dry July 2016 partners, including SodaStream, 28 by Sam Wood, Australian Bitters and AV1.

For those who choose to continue to support their own healthy drinking habits, Dry July is offering an exclusive SodaStream kit, which includes everything you need to make incredible drinks at home. Best of all, 25% of proceeds from the kit go directly toward the Dry July Foundation. Head to for more information about the kit.

July may be well and truly over, but donations are still being accepted until the 31st of August, so if you want to make a difference to those affected by cancer, head to and you will even get to choose where your money goes.