Sok 's story

“I won't lie, I have moments where I've broken down, and I've cried. I want to give up at times. But it's the people around me who are cheering me on and telling me ‘You can do this. You're very strong. You've come so far.’”

Sok Whyte is a Clinical Nurse Educator at WSLHD who was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in February 2022. She received treatment at Westmead Hospital, where she works.

“Having the services at Westmead Hospital and working here has been a true blessing. The moment that I saw the doctor, I knew I was in really good hands.”

Sok has volunteered to participate in CPMCC Dry July campaign and encourages you to support the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre (CPMCC) team at Westmead Hospital, who are raising a non-alcoholic glass for Dry July to raise funds to support cancer patients, their families, and carers during their challenging journey.

Your donation can make a world of difference, providing essential services and support to those affected by cancer. From lifts to life-saving appointments and guidance from specialist nurses to therapy programs and comfortable accommodation close to treatment, every contribution counts.

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