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The Dry July campaign has been making a real difference at the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre (CPMCC) Westmead in the many years that we have been associated with this incredible fundraising campaign. The projects funded by Dry July have directly influenced the experience of cancer patients, carer’s and their families while they are being treated or visiting the centre with the aim to make this difficult time of their lives that little bit easier and less stressful.

In 2023 we will again be participating in Dry July and raising funds to support our cancer patients and their families at the CPMCC Westmead.

Please join with us in making this the day you decide to make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. Sign up or donate to this great cause.

The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead is a purpose- built state of the art facility which matches anything in the world located within Westmead Hospital. It is an integrated comprehensive centre serving a population of over 1 million in the West of Sydney with a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of cancer, palliative care and haematology blood disorders.

The CPMCC Westmead provides fully integrated research, prevention, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation programs for patients and families coping with cancer and offers:

• Chemotherapy Day Care Suite which has 30 chemotherapy chairs (all recently updated with Dry July funds), acute care beds and procedure rooms

• 30 Specialised outpatient clinic rooms

• A large radiation therapy treatment area which includes 4 radiation therapy machines (linear accelerators), apheresis, as well as a high dose brachytherapy suite

• Specialist psychosocial support,

• Clinical trials units which have access to world-class cutting edge medical technology with a wide range of treatments being studied, ranging from drugs through to radiological and surgical methods, as well as preventative options for combating cancer.

• Familial cancer service

• Leading world class laboratory cancer research

We are affiliated with the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney and place a high importance upon training the next generation of doctors and other health professionals.

Latest Updates

Your Dry July funds have helped the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead

Thanks to the amazing Dry Julyers and donors, Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead has installed the MRI Sky ceiling in Radiation Oncology.

The project helps the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead patients to be able to look up at the backlit panels that feature various outdoor scenes, creating the illusion they are looking through the ceiling to the sky or into the ocean.

It is a powerful therapeutic factor in bringing comfort and genuine relief to the patient during scanning sessions.

We are extremely grateful for the difference you’ve made!  

Westmead Hospital’s Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre benefits from Dry July Fundraising

Thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of Dry July participants, Westmead Hospital’s Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre will be undergoing the following facility upgrades to help make a difficult time, a little easier for people affected by cancer:

• New Seating in Clinic Consult Rooms – to replace torn/worn seating

• IPAD/speaker on stand for Video interpreter calls in infusional Therapy Unit x 3 – these will help improve communication with CALD background patients (a high demographic in Western Sydney) during their chemotherapy treatment

• Recliner Bariatric Chair to increase comfort for obese patients

• Tower Fans. Often patients in treatment get febrile/hot and sweaty – these will be effective in keeping these patients comfortable.

• X-Men Exercise Larger Weights. A program DJF funded last year. Heavier weights for patients who are much fitter / progressing in the exercise program having these heavier weights available for their use will aide in their recovery

• Floral Arrangements

• Complimentary Artworks in Patient areas

By supporting Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead, you are helping to provide important comfort items to people like Terry

Terry Limnidis is a patient undergoing cancer treatment at the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead. As part Terry’s treatment for cancer he is having radiation therapy which involves lying alone in a darkened room under a treatment machine every day for the duration of treatment.

The Radiation Therapists saw a real need for providing the option to their patients of a diversion in the form of an iPad loaded with their favourite music to listen to whilst having radiation therapy. Dry July supported the start-up of the “Music in the Bunker” project and has continued to fund it for the past few years. “Being able to listen to some of my favourite music whilst in the radiation bunker really comforts me while I’m receiving my treatment. Thank you for making the Music in the Bunker Programme available.”

Programmes like the “Music in the Bunker” are just some of the fantastic patient-centred initiatives funded by the Dry July organisation at the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead.

Thanks to our 2020 Dry Julyers, refurbishment are about to start on Westmead's Quiet Room and Telehealth Consult Room's

Work is shortly set to start on refurbishing our quiet room, located near our clinics.

This space provides a quiet and confidential area for distressed patients and their treating team to use for counselling.

Our Telehealth room which is used for consultations to regional areas will also enjoy a make-over. Both rooms will be decorated in the same theme as our other patient areas which were refurbished from 2019 Dry July funding. 

The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre benefits from Dry July 2020 fundraising

This year, your fundraising will help improve the comfort and wellbeing for people affected by cancer at The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre through the implementation of the following projects and programs:

• Development of a quiet room

• Telehealth consult room refurbishment

• Fresh artwork

• Exercise equipment

• Bone Marrow Transplant Resources

This wouldn't be possible without you Dry Julyers - thank you!

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