Hospitality and Entertainment Trolleys At the Canberra Hospital

In September 2014 a volunteer program was established to assist patients receiving care in the new Canberra Region Cancer Centre (CRCC). Funds raised through Dry July have enabled the purchase of a new hospitality trolley and entertainment trolley to benefit patients receiving treatment in the CRCC at Canberra Hospital. The trolleys are serviced by CRCC volunteers.

The hospitality trolley provides a welcoming tea and coffee service to patients who find it difficult to be able to access the beverage stations, especially when on their own, as well as providing a homely service with china tea cups and tea and coffee pots. It is available to patients in the Day Therapy Unit, Radiation Oncology and the Patient Clinics.

Volunteers also operate the entertainment trolley, which contains iPads, games, magazines and children’s toys for patients and carers.  The equipment on the trolley provides stimulus, diversion, comfort and recreation to patients who need treatment. Treatment can take several hours, during which time patients are confined to a chair and often without company. Treatment is often ongoing for several months, requiring regular visits to the Centre.

“We have had a great deal of positive feedback from the trolleys, which our patients greatly appreciate, and which make their time in the CRCC a little more comfortable.” Caroline McIntyre, Volunteer Coordinator at CRCC.

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$3,305.70 raised

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