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The Canberra Hospital

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Help us raise funds for:
- Refurbishment of the Radiation Oncology Waiting Room;
- Building a therapeutic garden space and establish privacy screens for patients and their families, and;
- Floral arrangements at reception desks, this continues funding for an item that all who visit the centre notice and admire.

The Canberra Hospital has a strong link to community-based services that provide continuity of care for patients, supporting patients from Canberra and the surrounding regions.

The new Capital Region Cancer Centre offers integrated services, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, haematology, immunology, and research and teaching programs within a single five-storey building on the Canberra Hospital campus. The new five-storey centre is a patient-centred environment built around the recently expanded and refurbished Radiation Oncology facility at Canberra Hospital. It also offers a support and information centre for patients and their families.

The Canberra Hospital Foundation has been a proud beneficiary of Dry July campaign since 2009 and is committed to ensuring the Canberra community come on board to not only support Dry July, but in turn the Capital Region Cancer Services. Our adult patients living with cancer have gained so much from previous campaign funding, thank you!

Latest Updates

Flowers brighten the day at Canberra Hospital

On a daily basis the front line reception staff continue to respond to patients and their carers commenting and enquiring around the floral arrangements that are a constant source of admiration on each of the reception desks, and people are always surprised to find out they are not real.

It is in that pure appreciation of something beautiful that tends to bring out the best in everyone and opens up conversation not at all related to the reason why patients and their families are here. So thanks to DRY July small distractions like this make for small positives in what can be difficult days for families.

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Easter Bunny visits patients at Canberra Hospital

Funding from the Dry July Foundation to support the Tea Trolley Service continues to lift spirits at Canberra Hospital; especially when the Easter Bunny is in town! Here's what some of the patients had to say:

“It is so nice to be able to be offered some alternative teas when you are feeling unwell. I always make use of the herbal varieties available”.

“The friendly service provided by the tea/coffee volunteers is most appreciative by both myself and husband. It provides a homely and supportive atmosphere whilst undergoing treatment at the CRCC”.

Much appreciated Lea and Bill Huber

“I so look forward to getting my cup of tea from the friendly ladies and gents during my cancer treatment at CRCC”.

Mark Biega.

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Canberra Hospital receive a grant from Dry July Foundation

We're proud to announce that Canberra Hospital has received a grant from the Dry July Foundation.

The grant will go towards the following: 

• A Scalp Cooling Cap for use during chemotherapy, aimed at reducing the side-effect of hair loss cause by chemotherapy

• Newspapers & Magazines subscription for Duffy House and the Cancer Centre

• Water and Ice Station to make patients more comfortable during treatment

• Refurbishment of patient waiting areas to create a pleasant, non-clinical environment to conduct chemotherapy/stem cell collection and transplant education sessions for new patients.

To see a list of all recipients from the Dry July Foundation 2018 Grant Program, visit 

Therapeutic Harp Program + more at Canberra Hospital

Funding from the Dry July campaign and a grant from the Dry July Foundation ACT has ensured the continuation of the beloved therapeutic harp program at Canberra Hospital. Harp therapy has been shown to help cancer patients cope with the side effects of their treatment, and can provide a sense of calm to patients who may feel distressed and anxious in a busy hospital environment. The program at The Canberra Hospital is delivered by a certified harp therapist and has been funded by Dry July since 2012. Additional funds have provided a water and ice station so patients do not have to leave their treatment area; waiting area refurbishments, a 12 month magazine and newspaper subscription and floral displays to brighten up the reception areas.

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Comfy recliners for patients at Canberra Hospital

Thanks to 2017 funding, Canberra Hospital has been able to provide comfortable seating for patients who need to get out of bed and seated upright as part of their recovery process. The recliners had to be specially modified for the cancer centre. 

Small recliners