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The Canberra Region Cancer Centre is a world class healthcare facility that brings together cancer treatment and related services in one purpose built facility. The care and support of our patients is central to everything we do.
The Canberra Region Cancer Centre facilitates improved cancer treatment and other related services in the ACT and surrounding region by drawing together and integrating services, research and teaching programs.
The Centre is designed to meet the needs of Canberra and the Southern New South Wales communities well into the future. Services operating within the Centre take a multi-disciplinary team approach to health treatment and support.
Our cancer services comprise several highly skilled teams, including Medical and Radiation Oncology, Haematology, Immunology, Surgery, Bone Marrow Transplant, Psychosocial and Palliative Care to provide comprehensive services to patients and their carers with cancer and related illnesses.
We are committed to reducing the burden of care in the ACT and surrounding region through high quality treatment, research and education.
The Canberra Hospital Foundation has been a proud beneficiary of Dry July campaign since 2009 and is committed to ensuring the Canberra community come on board to not only support Dry July, but in turn the Capital Region Cancer Service. Our adult patients living with cancer have gained so much from previous campaign funding, thank you!
In 2019 we are raising funds for:
• Two Sleep Pods
• Refurbishing our Linanc area, as well as the ongoing provision of;
• Our Therapeutic Harp program,
• Our hospitality trolley providing refreshments for our clients, and;
• Floral arrangements at reception desks within the Centre.

Latest Updates

Floral Displays at Canberra Region Cancer Centre

Dry July funds have been used to purchase floral displays for 3 reception areas on a regular basis.

The flowers are often commented on by patients, carers and visitors, many wondering if they are real. As the displays are regularly changed, they are always a point of welcome, and look fresh and welcoming.

Artworks for Apherisis Room

With funding from Dry July, these works have been purchased for the Apherisis Room at Canberra Region Cancer Centre. The installation of the Dawsons has already positively contributed to the creation of a vibrant, engaging and therapeutic place of treatment, healing and rehabilitation. It is anticipated that the Larter will further enhance both patient care and the hospital environment in which it is displayed. 

Support for Patients at The Canberra Hospital

The Canberra Hospital has announced it will be using Dry July 2015 funds towards the harp therapy program and towards a new resource room.

Harp therapy has been shown to help cancer patients cope with the side effects of their treatment, and can provide a sense of calm to patients who may feel distressed and anxious in a busy hospital environment. The program at The Canberra Hospital is delivered by a certified harp therapist and has been funded by Dry July since 2012.

Funding for The Canberra Hospital

The Canberra Hospital has decided to use some funds from Dry July 2015 towards projects benefiting patients in the Apheresis Unit, young adults, and patients and their carers staying at nearby Duffy House.

Funds will go towards the purchase of artwork for Apheresis Unit in the Oncology Ward to make the space a more welcoming and supportive environment for patients in this high use treatment area. Some funds will also go towards a DVD to educate young adult patients undergoing treatment about their cancer journey.

The hospital will continue to use funds towards newspaper subscriptions and flowers for Duffy House, which offers accommodation to cancer patients travelling from outside Canberra for their treatment.

Loan Equipment for The Canberra Hospital Palliative Care

The Canberra Hospital is purchasing an oxygen humidifier to be loaned out for their palliative care cancer patients. This will facilitate quick discharge from the hospital for patients who hope to return home where they may feel more comfortable.

Previously, patients in palliative care wishing to return home have had limited access to an oxygen humidifier, making it less likely that they be discharged rapidly.

The availability of the oxygen humidifier has enabled swift transfer of clients from the inpatient environment at a time when they have very little time to wait for one to become available through equipment loans department.