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The Canberra Region Cancer Centre is a world class healthcare facility that brings together cancer treatment, research, teaching programs and related services in one purpose built facility.

The care and support of our patients is central to everything we do.

Services operating within the Centre take a multi-disciplinary team approach to health treatment and support. Our cancer services are made up of several highly skilled teams, including Medical and Radiation Oncology, Haematology, Immunology, Surgery, Bone Marrow Transplant, Psychosocial and Palliative Care to provide comprehensive services to patients and their carers with cancer and related illnesses.

The diagnosis of cancer alters patient’s lives as they know it. Everything is put on hold. The suffering is widespread, with so many loved ones also affected.
Through Dry July and the Canberra Hospital Foundation, your will help us to provide extra support and comfort that will compliment and enhance the treatment and healing of patients, families and carers affected by cancer in Canberra and the surrounding region.

Since 2009, the amazing support of our Dry July community has enabled initiatives and items including the Therapeutic Harp Program, Sleep Pods, the Hospitality Trolley, uplifting art murals, floral arrangements, massage chairs and blanket warmers, just to name a few. These initiatives support patients’ wellbeing by offering relaxation, comfort, distraction and ultimately, help to make very difficult experiences a little bit easier.

This year, with your help, funds raised will support the purchase of new, bright and comfortable lounges, chairs and tables which will furnish the Social Hub in the Wellbeing Centre - a new and exciting addition to the Canberra Region Cancer Centre. The Social Hub will give patients and their loved ones a space to unite, in a warm and inviting environment, dissimilar to the more clinical treatment areas. The space will foster a feeling of homeliness, and encourage connection at a time when patients and their families are navigating the difficult journey of cancer.

By going dry for the month of July, you are making a meaningful difference to the lives of so many people affected by cancer, we are so grateful for your support!

Latest Updates

Floral Displays at reception of The Canberra Hospital

Dry July has funded a project to maintain floral displays at the reception desk within the cancer centre.

Feedback from the staff is below;

Patients, families and staff absolutely LOVE the floral displays on reception desks throughout the Cancer Centre – they look so real!! Every month the flowers are changed, and they are always look fresh, colourful and create a more welcoming environment

Dry July 2016 Funds in Canberra

The Canberra Region Cancer Centre is using Dry July 2016 funds to:

- continue the Therapeutic Harp Program;
- continue to purchase newspapers for patients staying at Duffy House; and
- continue to 
display fresh flowers in the reception area to improve the centre's ambiance.

Information Lounge

In its previous form, the Information Lounge (formerly the Resource Room) at Canberra Region Cancer Centre was underutilised and confusing. Patients were not sure if the room was for their use, or for the staff. There was very little space to display information.

With funding from Dry July, the Information Lounge has been made accessible and useful, with the removal of a wall, refitting of display shelves and computer desks, and a bookcase. Since opening in March, there has been an enormous increase in the use of the room, and the amount of information being accessed by patients and carers. Having the information on display and with the room having been opened up, patients and carers are utilising the space, and are now able to self select information when they feel they want to access it. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, from patients, carers and staff.

Entertainment Trolley for Young Adult Patients

Canberra Region Cancer Centre loaded up a trolley with an Xbox, TV, Music dock, headphones, ipad and various games for use on the Xbox, using donations from Dry July.

Young people (aged 15-25) treated for cancer within Canberra Hospital are treated in adult settings – outpatient radiation and chemotherapy clinics and the inpatient ward (14B). There is no dedicated space for them or entertainment relevant to their interests.  

The entertainment trolley is managed by the AYA Cancer Specialist Nurse and provided to patients in the cancer outpatient clinics, ward 14B and various wards around the hospital where young patients might be admitted. 

I get excellent feedback from patients who have used the entertainment trolley. Often times these patients are the youngest by many years and so have no one to engage with when they are admitted for treatment. The entertainment trolley provides them a way to escape whilst they are here by watching movies and playing games. There are multiple controllers and so if they have friends with them they can play against each other which really makes the time fly!  

Floral Displays at Canberra Region Cancer Centre

Dry July funds have been used to purchase floral displays for 3 reception areas on a regular basis.

The flowers are often commented on by patients, carers and visitors, many wondering if they are real. As the displays are regularly changed, they are always a point of welcome, and look fresh and welcoming.

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