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I am a cancer patient survivor. I was diagnosed with stage one grade three aggressive cancer on April 21, 2020, right at the time of the COVID lockdown.

During my chemotherapy treatments, I was feeling very disconnected from the people and things I love. Music and singing being one of them.

Solaris offered me the opportunity to feel safe during that compromised immune time. It was a time when I also had lots of questions about “Why me?” but did not want to feel sorry for myself. I just wanted to get my big girl knickers on and kept moving forward towards a healthy me.

I first came to Sing for Joy – Solaris’s weekly musical choir – and I have to say how much it pushed me from my comfort zone. I got lost on the way, I was late. As I arrived, the next song James (the choir leader) began to play was James Taylor’s “I always thought I would see you again.” As I began to sing, the floodgate of tears came, and it took a couple of songs before I could join in.

Coming to Solaris gave me the confidence for several months to be with people I did not know and have some nurturing healing of many modalities. I also did a pre-workshop for drumbeat and am now enrolled to teach it at my school. I will be forever grateful for the experiences at Solaris Cottesloe at a time when I needed human contact and connection – that is what it has provided for me.

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