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For 20 years, Solaris Cancer Care has provided support services to cancer patients and their families.

Our range of services include counselling, complementary therapies, education, wellness activities, support groups, courses and workshops. We also offer tranquil and welcoming spaces for cancer patients to relax between treatment and meet people going through similar experiences.

Our centres are at Cottesloe, Sir Charlies Gardiner Hospital – Nedlands, St John of God – Subiaco, Bunbury and Albany. We also work in partnership with Hedland Well Women’s Centre to support people living in the Pilbara area. Our aim this year is to extend services by piloting clinics in Joondalup, Midland, Murdoch and Rockingham to offer services closer to where people live.

Patients and carers can access a range of services including counselling, massage, acupuncture, Reiki and reflexology. The clinics will provide better access to complementary therapies and support services to help improve quality of life during and after cancer treatment. We would then plan to roll this program out to regional areas across WA because we believe everyone deserves access to support throughout their cancer journey.

Latest Updates

Thanks to your 2022 Dry July fundraising, you’re helped Solaris Cancer Care expand services

This project is delivering supportive cancer care services closer to where people live providing complementary therapies, counselling, group clinics, walking groups, wellness half-days and workshops.

Every year in Western Australia (WA), over 13,300 people will be diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer and its treatment produce significant acute and long-term adverse effects in cancer survivors, resulting in a range of supportive cancer care needs across the disease trajectory.

There is strong evidence that timely access to supportive cancer care services at the point of diagnosis and active treatment can lead to improved outcomes post treatment.

Thanks to you our services are now being offered from Lottery House, Joondalup. We have appointed Fran Forte as Program Development Worker to continue this initiative and ensure we to expand services to other locations across Perth.

On behalf of Solaris Cancer Care we give our heartfelt thanks for your support and contribution to making a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer on WA.  

Eleonore's Story

Thank you Solaris... my lighthouse during the storm of cancer! I wasn’t ready for cancer... I pushed people away a lot because I just wasn’t ready to talk about it.

I couldn’t move, I had no energy, I lost my hair. Some days, even having a shower is a big thing. And the kids, they always want you to do things with them, but we couldn’t go to the gym or other things because they were high risk activities for me and my immune system can’t cope. So I couldn’t drive them around or do their homework with them.Asking for help isn’t easy.

My cancer surgeon told me to reach out to Solaris but it’s hard to move from being a giver to a receiver. I did not know how to receive. But when you trust the knife of a lady, why not trust her words? So my journey at Solaris started. Tuye received me with a ton of warmth and surrounded me with love and attention. I felt good immediately. It was a safe harbour, a lighthouse in the storm. I came here on good days, on bad days and Tuyen made me coffee. I will never forget her smile and help. So gentle and caring. I might be having a bad chemo week but I was happy because the next day, I was going to Solaris.

Having chemo... but Solaris made it bearable. When you do Dry July, it means Solaris can do more of the happy classes. Because you are already going through a bad time, you don't want always to dwell on the bad stuff happening to you. Solaris made everything brighter onthe bad daysSolaris became my second home away from home. I met the famous Pasquale who did the massage. She was and is my cancer support for a long time. I met Caroline who taught me what sport movements I could do when I wanted to do sport again and didn’t know where to start. And Donna doing reflexology and so many others I am grateful to as well. Now I regret I didn’t find Solaris earlier.

Because they also have programs now to help you from the time of cancer diagnosis and how to deal with everything from that moment... I think it would've helped me. Cancer for me has just been part of my journey. It's a page of my book. This is not my book completely. This doesn't define who I am. Maybe in my life I will go through cancer again. Maybe it will be my last page of my journey, but this doesn't define me now. But whatever happens, I know Solaris will be there for whenever and whatever I need.

When you do Dry July, it means Solaris can do more of the happy classes. Because you are already going through a bad time, you don't want always to dwell on the bad stuff happening to you.

Solaris helped me to stay positive and focus on the important things in life... you make a difference when you support Solaris by doing Dry July.

PS. Solaris is for everybody. Because if you get touched by cancer, then you just want to have a community around you. You want to just feel love and warmth. Solaris provides that warmth and love. Please take part in Dry July and support Solaris Cancer Care

We have incredible Dry July participants like Brianna Criddle

Brianna has been participating in Dry July since 2018 which started off as participating in a group for her previous company. In 2019, her uncle was diagnosed with multiple different cancers and unfortunately passed away in 2020 leaving behind her aunty and three cousins aged between 14 and 17. Ever since her uncle was diagnosed with cancer, Brianna has participated in Dry July with the hope to raise funds for cancer research but also to support people with all types of cancer, through every stage of cancer treatment and life afterwards. She says, “I choose Solaris Cancer Care every year as this was the charity I chose when my uncle was first diagnosed with cancer.”

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Solaris CEO, Francis Lynch completes week 1 of Dry July.

Francis is going dry this July to help Solaris Cancer Care to extend its support services to more people affected by cancer WA.

Find out how the first week of dry July went for Francis:

Tracey’s fundraising to help provide support services to more cancer patients and their families in WA

Tracey Wheat lost her best friend (and Mother) nearly 14 years ago from lung cancer and knows many people with cancer journeys. Having lived in the north west of WA for a very long time and seen the negative effects of alcohol, Tracey was encouraged by her son to try it after having done it several times himself. Tracey feels ‘It’s time for me to do my bit’.

Lets get behind Tracey to raise vital funds so that support services are available to more people in WA. Donate today:

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