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Solaris Cancer Care is an Australian first, providing integrative oncological services to West Australians with all types of cancer, from diagnosis to palliative care and survivorship since 2001. Our six centres in regional WA and metropolitan Perth provide clients with evidence-based complementary therapies, group support, counselling, education and workshops. Our clients, their families and carers are at the heart of everything we do. From yoga, art therapy, choir and meditation to women’s wellness groups and guest speaker programs, we focus on helping people live well.

By raising funds for Dry July, you play a critical role in ensuring we can continue to offer our diverse range of community, mental health and regional outreach programs. Solaris Cancer Care receives minimal funding from the WA government and relies on generous donors like yourself to help support all WA cancer clients. We acknowledge that everyone is unique; each cancer patient, carer or family member will persevere through a journey like no other. It is with this ideology in mind that we have developed different community programs that cater to every West Australian who walks through our doors.

So, from us to you – we thank you for making a sizeable impact in people with cancers’ lives this Dry July!

Latest Updates

Solaris Great Southern Client Services Manager Gillian Takes The Pledge To Go Dry

Gillian decided to participate in Dry July this year in response to a fundraising call for Solaris Cancer Care.

“The funding we received in the past from the Dry July Foundation is shared across our centres. Last year, the Albany centre received a much needed computer upgrade” she said.

“Every little bit helps, just the price of a cup of coffee goes towards helping our community provide the essential services we are known for.”

Who Are You Supporting? Hear From Elise Tyrie Who Has Chosen To Go Dry This July

Elise Tyrie’s family has had multiple experiences with cancer. This year, Elise decided to go dry to support Solaris Cancer Care for the free evidence-based supportive services it offers to many families, including hers.  

Watch Elise's full story here:

Your determination during Dry July has helped us upgrade across our Solaris centres to enrich our cancer clients’ experience

With your aid, we have managed to upgrade our patient booking system and replace the computers, screens, keyboard and mouse for our Meet and Greet volunteers to make the patient booking system more seamless. These upgrades have enabled our compassionate volunteers to book and track client appointments, therapy attendance, and communicate with clients on therapies such as massage and Bowen Therapy they would like follow-ups on.

Our aim is to help individuals with cancer, their families and carers live well. Thank you for helping us blend humanity with healthcare.

Fundraising for Solaris will help support people like Margaret

I am a cancer patient survivor. I was diagnosed with stage one grade three aggressive cancer on April 21, 2020, right at the time of the COVID lockdown.

During my chemotherapy treatments, I was feeling very disconnected from the people and things I love. Music and singing being one of them.

Solaris offered me the opportunity to feel safe during that compromised immune time. It was a time when I also had lots of questions about “Why me?” but did not want to feel sorry for myself. I just wanted to get my big girl knickers on and kept moving forward towards a healthy me.

I first came to Sing for Joy – Solaris’s weekly musical choir – and I have to say how much it pushed me from my comfort zone. I got lost on the way, I was late. As I arrived, the next song James (the choir leader) began to play was James Taylor’s “I always thought I would see you again.” As I began to sing, the floodgate of tears came, and it took a couple of songs before I could join in.

Coming to Solaris gave me the confidence for several months to be with people I did not know and have some nurturing healing of many modalities. I also did a pre-workshop for drumbeat and am now enrolled to teach it at my school. I will be forever grateful for the experiences at Solaris Cottesloe at a time when I needed human contact and connection – that is what it has provided for me.

Dry July 2020 campaign supports patient wellbeing at Solaris Cancer Care Centre

Dry July funds have enabled Solaris Cancer Care to provide joint online and in-person professional counselling, support groups and community programs beyond their metropolitan centres. They have also extended their community programs and mental health services to the Pilbara, Broome, and Great Southern regions.

Your support has helped Solaris continue their current community programs such as their Drumming Circle and Guest Speaker events in-person, whilst also recording them live for people with cancer outside Perth. The continuation of these programs has allowed Solaris to reach out to a broader group of cancer patients, observing a rise in male participation from their purchase of more African djembe drums for our Drumming Circle. The live recordings, uploaded to their Vimeo showcase, has also enabled them to connect with cancer patients living in regional areas, alleviating the stress that comes with travelling.