A Patient Story - Mark Lane

Dry July ambassador for Solaris Cancer Care Centres, Mark Lane,  talks about his recent experience and how the wellness programs provided by Solaris Cancer Care gave some relief whilst undergoing cancer treatment. 

Following a head and neck cancer diagnosis in late 2017, Mark was undergoing treatment as an inpatient in hospital.

"The love and support from family and friends combined with full time care from my wife was clearly critical. However, it was the care from strangers that touched me in a powerful way, it was spiritually enlightening", Mark says.

"My first experience with Solaris was during a Chemo session. As lovely lady walked purposefully towards me, my initial thought was that she must have mistaken me for someone else – so genuine, so concerned, so caring to me, a total stranger - would you be interested in a Reiki session? Weirdly it was something I had been considering."

"That treatment gave me some respite for the next 24 hours and over the following months I became a regular visitor. Not only benefiting from the treatments, but that genuine care from total strangers was a highlight for me – I am truly grateful for that experience. I made a commitment in my mind during that time - that when I was able, I would repay these people, this place in some way."

"Whilst currently I am not out of the woods, I am back working, surfing and planning a new trip with my family to Japan. I am proud to say I have been active with Solaris offering my services and contacts to assist in fundraising activities."

"More recently I was humbled to be asked to act an Ambassador for Solaris for the next year. Something I am honored to undertake – it is my way of giving back to this wonderful Organisation."

"My hope is that through my efforts, more people suffering from the effects of cancer will continue to have access to the services as I did. Now that my luck and health has returned, I can use my influence and motivation to raise the much needed funds for this incredible free support service as well as promoting the exceptional role that the Solaris Cancer Care outlets perform in our Community."

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