Care Package recipient shares her story

Going through cancer treatment is scary, and extremely stressful, so to have an organisation like Mummy's Wish think of me and my children, and want to help us, touched my heart more than words can say.

I received a Mummy's wish care package full of lovely items that made me smile and feel special. The most cherished item was a beautiful teddy bear that I was able to record a message with my voice for my daughter to help her when she misses me through the long hospital stays, the teddy has been really helpful.

Mummy's Wish even kindly gave us food vouchers to help ease the stress on those weeks when everyone is only just barely keeping it together and has no energy to think about preparing meals. These were a godsend because they fed us when I barely had the energy to eat, let alone make dinner for the family.

So when we were all too exhausted, it was so great being able to order some nutritional, great tasting, easy to prepare meals and that we didn't have to worry about what the financial implications would be, which was such a relief because we already were struggling a lot financially since I stopped working.

There aren't enough words for how grateful I am to Mummy’s Wish.

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