Wal's story

My name is Wal, I am one of those people who never gets sick. So you can imagine how daunting it was to be told I had cancer of the larynx at age 67 in what should be my last working year. After initial biopsy which confirmed the cancer, I was referred to The cancer therapy centre at Liverpool Public Hospital which I am told has one of only four machines in NSW to treat my particular cancer.

On my first visit, I was welcomed by what I can only call the most professional team of doctors, nurses, radiotherapy staff, receptionists and volunteers who took the time to explain everything to me in detail. What my cancer was, how it would be treated, the length of treatment and the expected outcome. I will attend the Centre 5 days a week for six weeks, these wonderful people are still as professional as they were on day one. Their dedication is simply never ending for all those who attend the Centre.

In the reception area is a library, which has a great range of books, in a variety of languages, so while waiting it helps to take your mind off the treatment and relax for a while not just for yourself but for your family and carers as well. Thank you Dry July this is a great idea.

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