Wellness Garden at Liverpool Hospital

The Wellness Plant Giving Program is a innovative project that will provide Liverpool Cancer Services patients with a plant symbolising their wellbeing at the end of their treatment, as well as offer fresh produce for the Wellness Centre's cooking courses. The giving program is made possible through a grant award from the Dry July Foundation in 2015, which will be used to purchase all the tools, soil, seedlings and education required to kick-start the program.

Plants will be grown from cuttings and seedlings in a greenhouse in the Wellness Centre (at Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre) in the outdoor area maintained by patients and staff. A Horticulturist will educate patients and staff on how to grow from seedlings, cuttings, fertilizing and gardening tips. A vegetable garden will offer produce for the Centre's the cooking classes.

The aim of the cooking classes is to help carers, including those who may have lost their partner to cancer, patients, and cancer survivors utilise healthier meal plans using fresh produce. This program gives patients and carers opportunity to interact with others, and give back to patients who are finishing their treatment.

UPDATE: since the program launched in June 2016, each patient now receives a plant of wellness on completion or radiotherapy with a little message in each plant, and as of October just over 200 patients have received a plant.

“The garden session was excellent, very practical and notes given were excellent. Phil’s passion motivates me to appreciate my garden. The plus is meeting and communicating with others of like mindedness.” M

Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre

$58,580.81 raised