Dreams2Live4 can make dreams come true for adults living with metastatic cancer thanks to Dry July fundraising

Thanks to your Dry July fundraising, you have helped Dreams2Live4 to continue to make dreams come true across every Australian state and territory.

A dream changes lives. Because of you, adults (17+) living with metastatic cancer, relapsed lymphoma, relapsed leukaemia and high-grade brain tumours will have the chance to dream, a chance to have something special to focus on, away from the endless treatments and medical procedures. 

‘’Dreams2Live4 brings the person out of the patient. It gives people a sense of self. A sense of achievement. And they often find themselves doing something that they had only dreamed they could do. It has a remarkable impact,” said Dr Ralph McConaghy, Medical Director Palliative Care Service, The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane.

Every dream is unique. Some want to get married; others sky dive; many dream to create lasting, happy memories with a family holiday or photo shoot.

‘’I was so excited to be able to have a holiday with my daughters and my mum. I cried tears of happiness. We have all been through so much these past few years and this was such an amazing experience that I will be forever grateful for,’’ said Rebecca, Dreamer.

“Having something planned and to look forward to makes life so much more exciting’’, added John. Dreamer.

On behalf of Dreams2Live4 - thank you so much for your incredible fundraising efforts and for helping to make dreams come true.






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