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"Dreams2Live4 does exactly that! It gives you dreams to live for which is the best possible treatment." Ben, Dreamer.

Dreams2Live4 empowers cancer patients to find purpose again, bringing joy, hope and dignity into their lives. A dream has an incredible impact, conversations change and so does the outlook of the Dreamer and their loved ones.

We are the only charity in Australia that makes dreams come true for adults 17 years and over living with metastatic cancer (meaning any cancer which has spread), relapsed lymphoma, relapsed leukaemia and high-grade brain tumours.

Dreamers like 72-year-old Hillary who dreamt of going horse riding or Rebecca who took her young children on a family holiday they will remember forever.

Almost every day, we receive a dream request. Our goal is to make a dream come true every 24 hours and we need your support.

Every dream is unique. Some want to get married; others plan to tick off their bucket list, many dream to create lasting happy memories.

"Dreams2Live4 gave me the opportunity to gather my special people together in smiles and laughter and a chance to forget about all the pain and medical procedures for a while," said Peter.

Dreams2Live4 relies on a dedicated small team of Dream Makers, who are all qualified nurses. They work closely with their Dreamers, developing trusted relationships as they plan and create their dreams together.

Patients are not charged for their dreams, so we rely on your generosity. Funds raised by Dreams2Live4 Dry July supporters will be used to fund Dream Makers so together we can make more dreams come true.

Latest Updates

We are delighted to announce that with your help we raised an astounding $51,419 for Dreams2Live4

By taking part in Dry July, you’ve helped to fund Dreams2Live4 Dream Makers so they can continue to make dreams come true for adults living with metastatic cancer.

A dream has a remarkable impact, empowering adult cancer patients to find purpose again, bringing joy, hope and dignity into their lives. Our Dream Makers give them the strength to reach for their dreams, to have something to focus on away from the endless hospital visits and medical appointments. Some dreamers know straight away what their dream is, others need a little more time to digest what they are being offered and to work with our Dream Makers to make the magic happen. Most cannot believe that we can make their dream come true. 

Thank you for taking on the Dry July challenge this year, we are extremely grateful for your fundraising efforts and dedication.

Dreams2Live4 can make dreams come true for adults living with metastatic cancer thanks to Dry July fundraising

Thanks to your Dry July fundraising, you have helped Dreams2Live4 to continue to make dreams come true across every Australian state and territory.

A dream changes lives. Because of you, adults (17+) living with metastatic cancer, relapsed lymphoma, relapsed leukaemia and high-grade brain tumours will have the chance to dream, a chance to have something special to focus on, away from the endless treatments and medical procedures. 

‘’Dreams2Live4 brings the person out of the patient. It gives people a sense of self. A sense of achievement. And they often find themselves doing something that they had only dreamed they could do. It has a remarkable impact,” said Dr Ralph McConaghy, Medical Director Palliative Care Service, The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane.

Every dream is unique. Some want to get married; others sky dive; many dream to create lasting, happy memories with a family holiday or photo shoot.

‘’I was so excited to be able to have a holiday with my daughters and my mum. I cried tears of happiness. We have all been through so much these past few years and this was such an amazing experience that I will be forever grateful for,’’ said Rebecca, Dreamer.

“Having something planned and to look forward to makes life so much more exciting’’, added John. Dreamer.

On behalf of Dreams2Live4 - thank you so much for your incredible fundraising efforts and for helping to make dreams come true.

Carolina's Story

"When you have your cancer diagnosis, you worry about what will happen to you, but when you have a dream to look forward to, it’s a life change.’’ Carolina, Dreamer.

When Carolina was a baby she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Thankfully, she responded to treatment and for the next 38 years was cancer free. Then Carolina’s life turned upside down when she received the news that cancer had returned.

‘’When I got the news, it was devasting, I couldn’t believe it. The cancer changed not only my life but also my husband’s life. Roberto is always there for me and I know he suffers a lot. When I found out about Dreams2Live4 it gave me hope and the chance to have something to look forward to with Roberto,’’ said Carolina.

‘’Ever since I was a young child, I dreamt of going in a hot air balloon. To me, being up in the sky is a good way to celebrate life. I applied for a dream and couldn’t believe it when I received a phone call from Annabel, one of Dreams2Live4’s Dream Makers. We worked together to plan my hot air balloon ride and weekend away in the Hunter Valley. I had major surgery coming up so I wasn’t sure how well I would be, but knowing I had my balloon ride kept my spirts up.’’

Carolina and Annabel developed a strong bond as they planned her dream, giving Carolina something positive to focus on during such a difficult time. Dream Maker’s care for each and every dreamer, offering support, compassion and guidance as they work together to realise their dreams.

‘’On a daily basis the only thing we cancer patients think about is when is my next scan; when do I need to see the doctor; when is my next treatment; I am feeling well; I am not feeling well. But when you start thinking about and planning your dream, instead of telling my friends about my next scan, I was telling them that I am going up in a hot air balloon,’’ said Carolina.

Thanks to Dreams2Live4, Carolina spent a few wonderful, carefree days in the Hunter Valley with her husband, enjoying fine wines, good food and the beautiful countryside. 

‘’Being in a hot air balloon was magical. It gave me a feeling of freedom, it meant I was alive. I didn’t think about anything, I just enjoyed that peaceful moment. It brought me back to when I was a child and saw a balloon flying over my home. That child was up in the air in a hot air balloon, a child without worries or problems, without chemotherapy or surgery to think about, a child who felt normal as anybody else. So many thanks for letting me have that special moment that I will keep in my heart forever.’’