Tania's Story

When Tania became a cancer support person for her friend Jayne it was an experience she described as triggering, having lost her husband to cancer almost a decade earlier.

Eventually, though, it became an experience that put Tania on the path to healing.

As Jayne’s companion, Tania discovered the CoastCanCare wellness program which offers free wellbeing and recovery activities for Central Coast cancer patients, their families and carers.

“The care workshops are amazing. Together Jayne and I took part in meditation and tai chi. I was attending as a carer but I found it very therapeutic for me as well,” said Tania.

Last year when Tania was diagnosed with a very rare form of neck cancer, she knew exactly where to turn for support.

“I found myself being the patient this time and again witnessing the magical things CoastCanCare does” she said.

“What really resonated with me is I did journaling classes which were not only helpful, but cathartic and I used my knowledge of meditation to get me through the radiotherapy.

“We are so fortunate to have this program. It is world class”.

CoastCanCare is a local beneficiary of the national Dry July campaign which means you can raise money to support people like Tania by taking part.

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