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Central Coast Local Health District’s CoastCanCare Wellness Program exists because of the generosity of those who have participated in, donated to or raised money through the annual Dry July Appeal. Now in our fifth year as a Dry July beneficiary, the funds we receive from this wonderful Appeal enable us to continue to provide information, practical tools and support to adult cancer patients and their families or carers across the Central Coast.

Treatments for cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be extremely challenging for patients and their carers. CoastCanCare is about providing complementary therapies to assist wellness, in easy to access venues right across the Central Coast. Sessions include advice on nutrition, mindfulness and meditation, physical care and distraction and occupational activities such as music therapy and exercise and tai chi to assist with the management of some of the side effects of the diagnosis and treatment.

Patients and carers attending the program are then better equipped to adhere to the treatment plan and continue their treatment with the best possible outcomes……and to manage their health and well-being after the treatment has completed.

Once again we need the support of the local community and their wider circle of family and friends to continue the good work of CoastCanCare. We urge you to sign up for Dry July and to actively encourage monetary support for your efforts. Two things will happen – not only can you raise money for local adult cancer patients but the flow on effect of 31 days without alcohol will have a noticeable impact on your own general health and wellbeing.

Register to be a "Dry Julyer" and nominate Central Coast Local Health District – CoastCanCare as your beneficiary to ensure money raised stays on the Coast to benefit the local community.

Latest Updates

Wellness Program continues on the Central Coast thanks to Dry July Foundation funding

Thanks to an $80,000 grant from the Dry July Foundation the continuation of the CoastCanCare wellness program is guaranteed to continue in 2019.

Workshop sessions include mindfulness; practical exercise education and goal setting; music and art therapy; tai chi; meditation and vision board planning have taken place in 14 different suburbs and utilised 19 different venues across the Central Coast. 

Positive feedback from CoastCanCare participants include:

“This group has been my lifesaver keeping me focussed on the future not on my past journey”

“I loved listening to the different speakers. All people were friendly - helped me a lot with my rollercoaster day and gave me purpose”

“I love this program and have found it has made such a difference to my life”

“The wellness program gives you a platform — you can’t just sit at home, life’s to be lived.“

“It has restarted my life”

“This has given me back an important part of me”

“Enjoyed the friendship. Enjoyed the energy. Staff lovely.” and

“Motivated to keep on living!”.

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The countdown is on for Dry July with the Central Coast community joining together for an alcohol-free month in support of local cancer patients.

The Central Coast Local Health District’s (CCLHD) CoastCanCare Wellness Program has been a beneficiary of the Dry July initiative for the past five years, helping make a real difference to the lives of adults diagnosed with cancer across the region, as well as carers and families.

Complementary therapies such as music, exercise and tai chi classes are offered as part of the program and focus on stress and pain management during a difficult time in people’s lives.

Claire Job, 34, was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer almost two years ago and has found the CoastCanCare Wellness Program extremely helpful and rewarding.

Ms Job has enjoyed exercise and tai chi classes for the past 18 months and is looking forward to starting music and art therapy sessions in the coming weeks. 

“Receiving a cancer diagnosis is often an overwhelming, isolating, challenging and life-changing time,” Ms Job said.

“The CoastCanCare Wellness Program has provided my family, friends and I a place of peace, comfort, support, encouragement, respite and a sense of normality during an otherwise unfamiliar time.

“I was looking for anything to help overcome my feelings of fear, confusion and isolation. I was suddenly facing my own mortality, realising how fragile life can be and how quickly it can all change.

“I have learnt so much about myself and my diagnosis whilst gaining new and positive strategies around sleep, relaxation, nutrition, exercise and pain management. 

“Words cannot describe the amazing and rewarding benefits of the program – not only for the patient, but also for family, friends and carers.”

CoastCanCare Wellness Program coordinator Tia Covi encouraged Central Coast residents to get behind the Dry July initiative which continues to support many people affected by cancer.

"Every day I see first-hand the benefits the CoastCanCare Wellness Program is having on Central Coast adults diagnosed with cancer like Claire,” Ms Covi said.

“Ultimately our aim is to assist people to optimise their quality of life; to set and achieve their goals and priorities; to live their best life regardless of a cancer diagnosis.  

We do this by engaging therapists to work with people in group settings. This enables participants to connect with, support and learn from each other, as well as the therapist.

“Participants who have attended our programs have reported feeling less stressed and anxious and more connected, supported and skilled to promote their own health and wellbeing.” 

This year, Dry July participants and their supporters can once again nominate the District’s CoastCanCare Wellness Program as their beneficiary, ensuring their fundraising dollar remains on the Coast to benefit local cancer patients.

Sign-ups for 2017 are now open.

Visit to register to participate or to make a donation to a team or team member and be sure to nominate the ‘Central Coast Local Health District’s CoastCanCare Wellness Program’ as the beneficiary to ensure donations stay on the Coast.

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Wellness program now in fifth year

Now in its fifth year, 2017, Central Coast Local Health District’s CoastCanCare Wellness Program continues to go from strength to strength with the support of the Dry July Foundation and the generosity of the public that nominate CoastCanCare as their beneficiary.

The Program provides information and practical tools and support to promote wellness for adult cancer patients in our local community. The Program also allows for a patient’s carer or family member to attend sessions and this has proved to be invaluable for the ongoing treatment and care of the patient.

CoastCanCare sessions provide advice on nutrition, psychosocial and physical care, distraction therapies such as meditation and mindfulness and occupational activities such as music and art therapies and exercise. The feedback from attendees has always been very positive and we are grateful for the opportunity to once again be part of the Dry July “family” in 2017.

All donations received from the Dry July Foundation – as with all monetary support for the District – goes directly to patient care to enable us to continue to provide the best care and treatment possible for our patients.

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CoastCanCare Upcoming Programs

CoastCanCare is a supportive program for adults on the Central Coast living with cancer. The program's goal is to address the needs of patients and incorporates care domains in nutrition, psychosocial care, physical therapy, speech pathology, care coordination, and access to complementary therapies such as Music, Art Therapies. Dry July 2016 funds will continue to support CoastCanCare.

Currently scheduled programs include: 4 x 8 week Practical exercise classes, “Your Next Step to Wellness”; 3 x 6 week “Project Wellness” courses; 2 x “Staying Positive” workshops; and 2 x “Self-Care” workshops – facilitated by Quest for Life. 

The program has recently released outcomes from its first 18 months, wherein it provided 250 hours of programs to more than 200 individual adults, as well as 500 hours of additional therapy. Of participants surveyed, 81% of participants said the program helped motivate them to change habits and improve their own wellness.  

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Thank You, CoastCanCare

“I was overwhelmed with the positive impact this program is having on me and my family’s life.  I’ve been through two lots of cancer……….I’d lost interest in life and the continual struggle to survive.  

I’m so grateful for the wonderful support, practical information and actions. It has totally transformed my life.  I’m now planning for my future and am writing ‘to do’ list:  ticking each one off at a time.  I feel more in control of my life, my future.   

I only wish I had attended earlier.  When unwell, putting energy into anything else seems impossible or even pointless.  The courses were just perfect and gave the exact amount of information – neither too much nor too little.  The presenters were professional, sensitive and gave practical, life-saving information.  I particularly appreciated Sue McConaghey’s approach and Vanessa’s music therapy just grabbed me at another level.  Understanding opiate drugs for pain management helped me accept and use them appropriately.  The importance of staying motivated to exercise in the recovery process was another life saver.  The fact it was free, helped our situation incredibly.

My partner and I wish to thank you………for your generosity, magnificent contribution and deep thoughtfulness in providing the Wellness Program - you have put colour, music and magic back into our lives.”

S.L. & P.L