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Central Coast Local Health District’s CoastCanCare Wellness Program has been a proud beneficiary of the annual Dry July campaign since 2013.

Thanks to the generosity of the Dry July Foundation and their amazing supporters, CoastCanCare is continuing to help fill a gap for Central Coast adults after the diagnosis and impact of cancer has changed the way they, and their carers, manage day to day.

We offer a range of programs that support restoration, recovery and resilience and facilitate ongoing participation in community activities.

Developing skills for coping with a cancer diagnosis, treatments and treatment side effects, such as fatigue, pain and anxiety come out of being involved with the supportive programs offered by CoastCanCare and the friendships and connections made whilst participating.

CoastCanCare helps participants improve wellness and strength of body and mind, providing them with a better toolbox of skills and strategies to manage their diagnosis, treatments and life beyond cancer.

Meditation, art therapy, yoga, tai chi, exercise programs and newly formed connections with community gardens and walking groups are just some examples of programs being delivered to help people recover and thrive following cancer treatment.

Friendships and connections are established and continue long after CoastCanCare participation.

We are grateful to Dry July for continuing to include CoastCanCare in the annual Appeal.

Latest Updates

2022 Dry July funds are making a big difference for people affected by cancer on the Central Coast

In 2022, CoastCanCare was able to offer seven outpatient wellness programs providing support, information and practical strategies to people impacted by cancer to help manage their physical and mental wellbeing. In 2023, we are aiming to increase the number of activities to nine and strengthen links with the community for ongoing support.

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, CoastCanCare was able to continue to offer mindfulness, exercise, yoga and social connection online and are now able to offer face-to-face opportunities for these activities.

We are pleased to be introducing an exercise program for adults with a diagnosis of cancer on the Central Coast. A 10-week restorative exercise program has been commissioned with trained staff to provide an evidenced-based and individualised program. The course will be conducted under supervision and in a group setting to allow for that support, encouragement and healthy competition to achieve the best results for each participant.

This complements the existing programs of Yoga and Mindfulness, to provide participants with skills to improve and maintain mental and physical health with a choice of variety.

Our Art Therapy courses are well attended and are providing participants with a different avenue of expression and communicating their experiences.

“The fact that CoastCanCare offers free programs, and they understand when you can’t be there makes it very easy. I even tried things I never would have considered trying before, like journaling, which has helped me a great deal”. Kathy

“We are so fortunate to have this program. It is world class”. Tania

“CoastCanCare provides vital programs which help people connect and provide each other with encouragement. It makes you want to keep living and beat the odds,” Wendy 

Tania's Story

When Tania became a cancer support person for her friend Jayne it was an experience she described as triggering, having lost her husband to cancer almost a decade earlier.

Eventually, though, it became an experience that put Tania on the path to healing.

As Jayne’s companion, Tania discovered the CoastCanCare wellness program which offers free wellbeing and recovery activities for Central Coast cancer patients, their families and carers.

“The care workshops are amazing. Together Jayne and I took part in meditation and tai chi. I was attending as a carer but I found it very therapeutic for me as well,” said Tania.

Last year when Tania was diagnosed with a very rare form of neck cancer, she knew exactly where to turn for support.

“I found myself being the patient this time and again witnessing the magical things CoastCanCare does” she said.

“What really resonated with me is I did journaling classes which were not only helpful, but cathartic and I used my knowledge of meditation to get me through the radiotherapy.

“We are so fortunate to have this program. It is world class”.

CoastCanCare is a local beneficiary of the national Dry July campaign which means you can raise money to support people like Tania by taking part.

By taking part in Dry July, you’ve helped CoastCanCare to continue offering free wellbeing and recovery programs for people affected by cancer

Thanks to your Dry July Fundraising, Central Coast Local Health District CoastCanCare Wellness Program raised an astounding $25,880!

You’ve helped us to continue offering free wellbeing and recovery programs for cancer patients, their families and carers.

These programs provide psychological, physical and social support. Examples of programs being delivered include meditation, art therapy, weaving, journaling, yoga, tai chi, “Living Well” workshops and physiotherapy classes.

CoastCanCare also acts as a touch point for people in the community requiring assistance with accessing appropriate resources and supports to enable them to recover and thrive following treatment.

We would like to thank you for your support and contribution to making a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer.

“CoastCanCare provides vital programs which help people connect and provide each other with encouragement."

Central Coast Local Health District’s CoastCanCare wellness program is a local beneficiary of the national Dry July campaign, with donations helping to fund free wellbeing and recovery activities for cancer patients, their families and carers.

Wendy of Killarney Vale is one of many who has experienced CoastCanCare and felt better for it, after a lung cancer diagnosis in 2016.

“In the first year it kept me going. You look forward to talking to other people and learning from them and what they might be doing to help with their cancers and different ways of approaching things,” she said.

Wendy has taken part in a range of CoastCanCare’s programs including art therapy, tai chi, meditation, physiotherapy, Aboriginal basket weaving and drumming and in doing so built a network of friends who are there for one another through their individual cancer journeys.

“We give each other encouragement and give new members encouragement too. Being around people who have had similar experiences to you can have a big influence”.

Six years on from her initial diagnosis Wendy believes the wellness program is a big part of why she is still here today.

“CoastCanCare provides vital programs which help people connect and provide each other with encouragement. It makes you want to keep living and beat the odds,” said Wendy.

By signing up to Dry July and giving up alcohol next month, not only will you experience a range of benefits like sleeping better and thinking clearer, you can help people like Wendy find the support and strength they need to fight cancer.

For media enquiries contact Sarah Forster on 0414 193 308 or [email protected]

Your Dry July fundraising means the CoastCanCare Wellness program can continue supporting people affected by cancer

Thank you for participating in the 2021 Dry July Appeal and choosing to support our CoastCanCare Wellness Program.

The last two years have been challenging for many people and for those with cancer in our community having CoastCanCare available to them – either face to face or virtually - has helped “coasties” living with cancer and their families to navigate their treatment and care.

CoastCanCare also empowers, skills and connects people to take control of their own health, wellbeing, happiness and life away from the hospital system – to engage and connect with each other and their community.

Your support makes a positive and tangible difference to the lives of people living with cancer.